WWE News: Update On WWE Superstar Sin Cara Dislocating His Shoulder On WWE RAW

The Lucha Dragons have been a big part of WWE NXT for some time, but when they hit the main roster earlier this year, the thought was that they would be a big addition there. They have yet to really stand out as a team, but Kalisto has been able to stand out on his own. The thought among fans was that Kalisto could be the next Rey Mysterio if allowed to be put in such a position. Meanwhile, Sin Cara was being played by a new guy in the former Hunico, who is able to work the Lucha style well.

The issue with Sin Cara is that he is much slower than his partner, which WWE seemed to pick up on well. Cara tends to do more power moves, along with some highflying ability. This idea worked well in NXT and seemed to do well on the main roster. Kalisto was normally the spot man of the team, but Cara took a big bump this past week on WWE RAW that most would call unneeded. He was pulled from the ring to the outside of the ring back first. Instead of landing flat, he turned a bit and landed on his shoulder.

This led to his opponent in Big E. trying to make it part of the story, with The New Day mocking Cara for his “injury.” Big E. would even go after the shoulder a bit to make everything flow right. It was not until after the match and the next day that we found that, according to PWInsider, Sin Cara dislocated his shoulder in the spot. The doctor checked on Sin Cara when the spot first happened, as it was unsure if he was really hurt or not.

Lucha press [Image via eluniversal.mx]In fact, the wrestlers did a wonderful job on making it part of the story and truly making us believe at home that everything was planned. So, this was good work by Big E. and Sin Cara. Most wrestlers tend to work through spots where they get hurt, but some like the former Sin Cara chose not to when he was hurt a long time ago. He hurt his hand on a spot and the match he was in was called off.

While WWE tells people to let them know when they are hurt and if they can continue, it is considered a double standard, as they want you to finish the match anyway. It is something they beat in your head in training. Of course, some matches are forced into being called such as if a person injures their neck or something along those lines. Even then, matches have continued. See Lita and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for references.

Lucha tag champs
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In an update on Sin Cara, while he is hurt, according to Cageside Seats, he won’t be missing any time due to the injury. Dislocations can be quite severe and require surgery. Others simply need to be reset, and a person can do a bit of therapy to recover from it. Sin Cara’s injury must not have been as bad as it was thought.

We probably won’t see him wrestle for a few weeks, but he will probably be out to support Kaliso for his matches and might even do a few spots. Full matches may take time for him to do. He did have a sling on during WWE SmackDown however.

We will probably see him work the Royal Rumble match, which takes very little for him to do. He could simply be thrown in just to be eliminated soon, so there is always a use for Sin Cara even if he cannot do a ton of work. The real risk for him is if he does some things but further hurts himself. WWE will probably monitor Sin Cara and his recovery and if he shows signs of getting worse, they’ll pull him from events. This brings us to wondering what would happen with Kalisto. Fans love him so much that having him work singles matches would not be a bad idea.

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