Girl, 13, Dragged 4km Under Car in Bizarre Auto Accident

A 13 year old Norwegin girl is alive but in hospital in serious condition after being dragged 4 kilometers under a car in a bizarre automobile accident.

According to friends she was riding her bike with, the girl was hit by a truck that kept going, but when they went looking to see if the girl was hurt, all they could find was her bike and one of her shoes on the side of the road. it wasn’t until some time after that a motorist who was following the truck in her car pulled into a parking lot about 4 kilometers away and discovered the girl underneath her car, still conscious.

The girl was rushed to a hospital in Oslo, Norway, with serious injuries to her head, chest and abdomen, but is expected to survive.

Police have not had a chance to question the girl yet because of her emotional and physical trauma, but believe that she was first hit by the truck then immediately run over by the car, getting tangled in it’s chassis and dragged under it.

No word as to why the driver of the car didn’t see the accident between the truck and girl, or why she drove such a long distance without hearing or feeling something wasn’t right with her vehicle.