Did One Direction Ignore Louis Tomlinson’s Birthday? Unlikely

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson turned 24-years-old on Christmas eve. As seems to be the case constantly, some elements of the press used the occasion to hint at alleged tensions within One Direction. More than any other member of One Direction the negative elements of the press seem to be gunning for Tomlinson. As was recently reported in Inquisitr loyal One Direction fans had a charity drive in honor of Tomlinson’s birthday which raised over $28,000 for the Eden Dora Trust, a charity for which Louis is a patron.

Over the past couple of years campaigns organised by 1D Fans Give, a group of One Direction fans, have raised almost $170,000 for various causes supported by One Direction. Many people will believe that such amazing efforts by fans is newsworthy and yet their remarkable efforts have been ignored by the mainstream press. Instead, they preferred to concentrate on spurious claims that One Direction have ignored Tomlinson’s birthday.

The Mirror claim that Niall Horan was the only One Direction member to wish Louis a happy birthday.

Whilst Niall may have been the only One Direction star to use Twitter to pass birthday wishes to Louis it is rather sad that the reported seems not to have bothered to check other forms of social media. Instead of using Twitter, Louis’ pal Liam Payne used Instagram to share a picture of himself and wish Louis a happy birthday.

Happy birthday man miss u bro hope ur having a good one wherever u are u mad man!!

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It seems that Harry Styles did not use social media to congratulate his One Direction band mate, and as MTV point out, the boys are fairly active on social media. It seems that some people subscribe to the idea that, if it didn’t happen on social media, then it didn’t happen. Who is to say that Harry and the rest of One Direction didn’t pass their wishes to Louis privately? Does everything have to be broadcast on social media before it is real?

Lets face it: do we really believe that all of the One Direction members have exclusive access to their social media accounts? They may well have access, but with a team of people from management looking after their image does anyone really believe that every social media interaction by One Direction comes from the stars themselves?

It is likely to be the case that most messages on social media from One Direction are actually posted by a member of the management team. The lack of a public message from Harry Styles on Louis’ birthday if far from unusual. Such messages have been absent for the last three years, the last birthday message from Harry to Louis was in December 2012.

Many One Direction fans believe that the lack of messages from Styles to Tomlinson are as a result of management attempts to put distance between the two stars in the wake of the rumors that they are in fact a couple.

It seems that all of the One Direction boys have been back in the U.K. to enjoy Christmas with their families. One Direction have been busy promoting their fifth album since mid-November and that has come hard on the heels of their fourth mammoth tour in as many years. Like many people, the members of One Direction will be enjoying some well-earned rest and recreation over the festive period. The new year will see the commencement of the annual music industry award season, and who would bet against One Direction adding some more gongs to their already impressive collection.

Soooooo this happened ????

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Tomlinson seems to have spent some time in the tattoo parlor during his recent visit to Chicago and has added to his collection with a tattoo on a delicate part of his anatomy. One Direction fans would love to see that tattoo.

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