Chunk of Frozen Urine Crashes Through Roof of House

An Austrian couple are ripping mad after a 30cm cube of frozen urine crashed through the roof of their house and smashed to pieces inside their home.

Hans and Irene Schueler of Hartberg, Austria, are demanding that air traffic control at a nearby airport disclose which airline had planes flying in the area of their house when the unfortunate accident happened, but officials are not co-operating. The couple wants to know which airline is responsible for dropping the urine so they can be sued to recover money spent on repairing the damage to their roof.

Incidents like this occasionally happen after an airliner jettisons it's lavatory waste, which instantly freezes in the frigid air at 30,000+ feet and falls to the ground as a projectile. Although it's rare that any damage is done to property because the planes only dump the waste in remote areas, accidents sometimes happen.