Lesson From The Hills Season 4, Episode 2: Lo Isn't Just Rude

Like I told you last week, I can't admit how many times I watch The Hills, but it's scary. And you know what? I think the tide is turning on the show's villain of choice: Lauren "Lo" Bosworth is the New Spencer.

While Spencer Pratt is still going on and on about his "enemies" (How many seasons has it been already? Get a new word!) Lo's got a new bag of tricks. Instead of the usual blah-blah, she's got evil stares (see above), brand-new insults, and an exceptionally catty way of speaking. I predict that she's going to surprise us before Audrina moves out for real.

Lauren Conrad needs to reevaluate her friend situation for real and dump half of her supposed support system. She shouldn't bother telling Stephanie that she doesn't trust her because Spencer magically appeared at the b-day bash. Instead, L.C. should concentrate on full-of-opinions Brody, her somewhat dull boyfriend, and nasty nasty Lo. Can't she do better than this? We'll see next week, when it looks like she might have a tiff with Doug and with Stephanie. I have a feeling that Lo will find a way to pop up somewhere and insult Audrina, too, the way things are going.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, head to The Hills and watch the show.

Screen Capture via MTV.com