David Duke, Former Neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan Leader Says Donald Trump Speaks 'Radically'

Scott Hough

"I think there is massive racism against European Americans in America," the founder of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, as reported by the Anti-Defamation League, David Duke states in a video uploaded to YouTube on December 18. Later, he says that he feels that Donald Trump speaks more "radically" than him.

The former Republican presidential candidate discussed the reason he believes that Donald Trump has enjoyed so much success is because he is willing to defend the rights of the "European American majority" along with the rights of "all people."

Donald Trump has a considerable lead in polls for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination that has increased further over recent weeks. Trump currently commands the support of 36.5 percent of registered Republican voters in polls averaged by Real Clear Politics; Ted Cruz runs in distant second place with the support of 17.8 percent of Republicans.

"I don't think it's divisive for the vast majority of the American people to want to preserve our western, Christian heritage in this country," David Duke stated. Duke states that one of the first acts of the founding fathers when drafting the U.S. Constitution was to limit citizenship to "European" and "Christian" people.

The host asks David Duke if he feels that Donald Trump's candidacy has allowed a conversation to begin with Americans who feel intimidated asking questions or making comments about Muslims.

"Until my candidacy in the 1990s... I mean I got over 60 percent of the European American vote for the U.S. Senate in my state, and later for governor of my state. The New York Times described it a few months ago, as, quote, 'David Duke's policies have become mainstream GOP policies today.'"

Duke cites a statistic that "approximately 1,200" black people shot each other over sneakers in 2014, he then delivers another fact.

"The truth is, even the police shootings, they are overwhelming being done against European Americans."

Duke also cites statistics, which he reports are from the New York police, stating that despite the population of New York having a population that is 22 percent African American and 32 percent European American, whites commit three to five percent of crimes and blacks commit 67 percent.

David Duke goes on to explain that, while his website and online content have received more visitors since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he feels that his stock has been rising steadily on its own. Duke states that his online videos get "90 percent" positive ratings from viewers. Duke also states that Trump is not creating this buzz, but that he has merely "tapped" into a sentiment that Duke has always been aware existed and helped to cultivate.

Duke then explained a "fundamental" shift that is occurring and that immigration has the ability to change the demographics of the United States in favor of people who don't share the same "principles" as the European Americans who founded America.

When asked if David Duke saw an endorsement for Trump in his future, the former Grand Wizard was noncommittal.

"As far as what I see, according to the candidates who are out there now, Republicans and Democrats, I think he's head and shoulders, right now, above the rest. I don't agree with everything he says. He speaks a little more.... well, a lot more, radically... than I talk."

David Duke's views have changed little since the 1990s when he was viewed by some as a serious presidential candidate. Video from the period show Duke espousing a similar point of view then as he does today.

"There is discrimination going on right now, and the discrimination is widespread, against white people in hiring, promotions, and scholarships," David Duke states a video from a call-in show from the early 1990s. Later, a caller asks Duke, who was then running for the Republican primary, if he would consider running as an independent.

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