Ben Higgins Reveals He Won't Be Kissing All The Girls In New 'Bachelor' Preview [Video]

Ben Higgins' journey as The Bachelor is just about to start airing and viewers can't wait to see it all go down. It turns out that Ben doesn't have plans to kiss every single girl on the show, even though a few past contestants have done it that way. EW shared a big preview of the first episode with Ben and he even turns down a kiss from a girl named Lace. Now maybe this will be a classy season of the show.

In this clip, Lace and Ben are having some one-on-one time on night one of The Bachelor. Lace is putting her hand on his leg and flirting away. She shares that she is the only one that had kissed Ben so far and she isn't letting him get away that is for sure. Lace starts asking him if they can have a better kiss and Ben immediately starts backtracking and explaining to her that on the first night he wants to get to know everyone.

Ben Higgins goes on to tell her that she looks gorgeous, but he doesn't want to get sucked into the physical part of the attraction. Lace is not happy at all to be denied the kiss and then another girl comes in and takes Ben Higgins away from her. Ben is sweet enough to give her a kiss on the cheek, but that is not enough for her.

E! Online shared recently that Ben Higgins doesn't have plans to kiss all of the girls this season anyway and is actually going to limit the physical contact. When Chris Soules was on the show, he kissed a ton of girls right away and Ben is not going to do that at all. Here is what Ben shared.

"One of the things that I went into this season after talking to some of mentors and my friends, and also just thinking how I want to do it myself was I really wanted to concentrate on getting to know these woman outside of the physical aspect of it. I think that is always important in a relationship and it comes in time, but I wanted to make sure we spent our time getting to know each other one on one and not necessarily kissing or making out the whole the time."
Ben Higgins does go on to explain that some kissing does happen and that is obvious since he kisses Lace on the first night, but it won't be happening with every girl either. It really does look like Ben is there for the right reasons and he is doing what he can to get to know the girls and find out who might be the one for him. Ben realizes that there is more to a relationship than the physical part.
Ben also went on to share all about how faith is important to him in a relationship too and it isn't just all about the physical attraction.
"I would really like to find a woman that had a similar faith as I do. I think that'd be important as we raise a family, as we move forward in life. So faith is important to me."
Are you surprised to see that Ben is turning down a kiss from a girl? Ben is now back in Denver and starting his life, but viewers will have to wait to find out who he picks in the end. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss the big premiere of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins on January 4 on ABC.

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