‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Connects Jim Parsons To His Dad [Video]

It is almost time for the new season of Long Island Medium, and this season, Theresa Caputo is bringing on several celebrities to help them reconnect with their loved ones. One of those will be Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory and the new preview has fans excited to see it go down. His sister Julie will be with Jim on the show as Theresa reconnects them both with their dad, who passed away. Back in 2001, Jim Parsons dad died in a car wreck, leaving behind his wife and children. Yahoo shared a clip of the big upcoming episode with Jim Parsons.

In the clip, Theresa figures out that Jim’s dad was away from their entire family when he passed away. Jim explains that their dad was very loyal and hard working. His family was very important to him. Theresa even brings up that she knows that he had nicknames for them, which they reveal is true. Theresa also saw Jim’s dad hand flowers to their mom and it happened to be red roses, which was their flower. Theresa also mentions August, which happened to be Jim’s mom and dad’s anniversary. Jim Parsons is obviously amazed by what she has to say on the show.

After the reading happened, Jim Parsons explained to ET how he felt about it all.

“It was very intense and very moving. She’s the right medium — I guess you would say — to get across some deep messages. I just love her. I was only sorry when we had to stop.”

Jim Parsons’ character on The Big Bang Theory actually just had a big change as he started sleeping with his girlfriend Amy after five years. Cinema Blend recently spoke to Parsons about how he found out that this change was going to happen.

“I was on my way to act. She had just finished her scene. She goes, ‘Did you read the episode?’ I said, ‘What, do we f**k?’ She goes, ‘Yes.’ [We were] in the middle of a taping!”

The Big Bang Theory seems to keep Jim Parsons happy and he is doing a great job on the show. It isn’t going anywhere, but seeing him in an appearance on another show is something fans enjoy. Parsons also recently did a voice in the new movie Home.

During this season of Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo will meet with several celebrities on the show. Theresa shared her thoughts about doing this part of it.

“I don’t think that I’m famous, so when I did all the celebrity reads the first thing they would say to me is, ‘Oh my God! I’m such a huge fan. I watch your show!’ and I’m like, ‘What? Are you kidding me?’

This season viewers get to see a reading with Susan Lucci and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. This is going to be a season full of great celebrities just like Jim Parsons. You never know who might show up and of course this is going to get Theresa Caputo some new viewers as well. This is going to be a new twist for the show and honestly could bring in a lot of ratings.

Are you surprised to see that Jim Parsons is on this season of Long Island Medium? Do you think that what Theresa Caputo does is real? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the new season of Long Island Medium when it returns to TLC in January. Jim Parsons will be her first episode this season and a must see one.

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]