Ken Kratz: ‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyer Deletes Twitter, Gets Facebook Backlash, Bad Yelp Reviews, Death Threats

Ken Kratz is a lawyer that’s angering viewers of the addictive Making a Murderer series on Netflix, as reported by The Inquisitr. With a brash and cocky attitude displayed throughout Making a Murderer, Kratz isn’t winning any fans who soak up the series.

Not only have some Making a Murderer viewers turned to Yelp to trash Ken, as reported by People, but Kratz also reports that he has been getting death threats in the wake of the launch of the viral series. The former Wisconsin prosecutor is being raked over the coals for the way Kratz smugly handled the prosecution of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey in Making a Murderer.

With coldness and presumptions of guilt — or the uncaring callousness of a cover-up — Kratz isn’t the only lawyer feeling the wrath of the Interwebs in the wake of Making a Murderer.

Len Kachinsky is another lawyer from the Netflix drama Making a Murderer who isn’t making many fans. Kachinsky’s law firm has hidden his bio, as reported by The Inquisitr.

However, it’s Kratz that seems to be feeling the heat online. Whereas Ken Kratz was once on Twitter, posting such gems as the below quotes, Google reports that Kratz’s Twitter that was active as of November 15 is now gone.

Making a Murderer

“Feb 7, 2013 – I think if you have the word “manifesto” anywhere attached to your name you are going to have a bad day!!! Use of punctuation = essay!”

“Law firm doing well. Making good personal decisions today. I hope to be able to put my consequences behind me!!!”

The Kratz Law Firm is receiving so many bad reviews on Yelp that Yelp reports they are actively deleting some of the reviews.

The Facebook page of the Kratz Law Firm is receiving comments from Making a Murderer viewers who are none too happy with Ken. One interesting Facebook page in relation to Ken is the reviews portion for the Kratz Law Firm, with folks really letting Kratz know how they feel about his prosecutory work as displayed in the documentary. Plenty of folks writing reviews and comments on Facebook for Kratz believe Ken should be the one sitting in jail.

“Kratz said, ‘Reasonable doubt is for innocent people.’ No, reasonable doubt is for everybody. Apparently Mr. Kratz doesn’t know his law.”

The feedback Kratz is receiving shows viewers aghast that Ken still has his law license and is still allowed to practice law, despite Kratz’s admission of his involvement in inappropriately texting a domestic abuse victim, and Ken’s sex addiction admission, along with Kratz’s addiction to prescription pills. As reported by the Daily Mail, Ken said he was popping Xanax pills as if he were ingesting candy from a Pez dispenser.

“That’s what gets me….the most defenseless in our society were his victims…a mentally disabled teen and victims of sexual abuse who were going to him for help.”

Despite the backlash, the Kratz Law Firm’s website is still alive and bragging about Ken’s plenty of years of legal experience.

The former Calumet County District Attorney who is Kratz got in trouble when it was discovered that Kratz had sent text messages to a woman who had endured domestic violence, as seen in Making a Murderer.

“I would not expect you to be the other woman. I would want you to be so hot and treat me so well that you’d be THE woman! R U that good?”

Ken called the woman hot and wrote that he was a married, rich guy with all the power. The misconduct investigation against Kratz seemed the perfect comeuppance for a man like Ken, who comes off in Making a Murderer as a man with little sympathy for potentially innocent men sitting in prison for years upon years.

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