November 4, 2016
Log In To ‘Marvel Heroes’ Today For A Random Free Costume

As part of the 14 Days of Festive Favors event, players logging in to Marvel Heroes today will receive a Random Costume Box containing a random costume. The event, which started on December 18, is providing players with a free gift each day for two weeks. As the event nears its ending date, the free gifts are getting quite nice for both new and existing players.

Players that log in today, December 28, will receive a Random Costume Box. The box can be found in their inventory; or, if a player's inventory is full, the box will be delivered by a UI alert located in the top right side of the screen. The alert is usually a gift or present icon right underneath the mini-map. When opening the random costume box, players should note that any costume has a chance to be inside. That includes the more expensive Enhanced costumes, as well as costumes the player might already own. Luckily, if a Marvel Heroes player receives a costume they do not plan on using, they can use that costume in conjunction with two other unwanted costumes to create a random new costume at the crafter in any major city.

Marvel Heroes
The Urban Jungle costume for Black Panther in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

Marvel Heroes developers reminded players about the free gift today via the game's official Twitter account. Only a few days of the event remain.

Players can look forward to a powerful boost tomorrow, another Blue Omega Box, and a Random Hero Box as the final gift of the event. Previously, the official site noted that the December 30 gift was a Mysterious Crimson Box but that changed sometime last week noting that the gift is now a Blue Omega Box. This container is guaranteed to contain one of the boss-specific unique drops like the Octobot Controller or Sinister's Bioengineered Cuirass. The unique retrieved from this box is also guaranteed to have a Challenge bonus on it.

Two of the larger sales in Marvel Heroes are about to come to a close. The Holiday Half Off Sale was extended to December 29, and the discount on the Mega Pack MK IV will end on tomorrow. The half off sale includes nearly all heroes, costumes, pets, and team-ups in the game. The newest hero and costumes are not eligible. Players looking to save quite a bit of cash can consider the Mega Pack MK IV. This enormous bundle is usually $199 but is discounted to just $130 for a limited time. This pack includes 43 heroes and their specific S.T.A.S.H. tabs, 60 fortune cards, a silver Ultron pet, 25 experience boosts, 2,000 Gs to spend at the in-game store, and three permanent account bonuses.

Sales for free gifts are nice, but there is also plenty of content to discover in Marvel Heroes right now. The Danger Room is the newest addition with an endless supply of random missions to complete. Save up enough of the Danger Room's merits to buy Blue Omega Boxes, Mysterious Crimson Boxes, or even a Wolverine team-up. The Mystic Mayhem event is currently underway, as well, providing players with access to Infernal Limbo.

Marvel Heroes
Iron Fist in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

The coming year in Marvel Heroes is expected to be quite exciting, too. When Marvel Heroes 2016 launches next month, players can definitely expect controller support as well as a number of other new features in the coming months. The next story chapter, Thanos raid, Savage Land patrol zone, and updated visuals to a number of heroes and their costumes are all planned.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Iron Fist is the latest hero to join the lengthy list of playable heroes in Marvel Heroes. Black Cat is the next playable character release planned for January. Are there any heroes you would like to see playable in Marvel Heroes next year?

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]