Giant Squid Appears In Japanese Harbor

Have you ever seen a squid? If you have, have you ever seen a giant squid?. Most people have never seen a giant squid because it is a very rare occasion for them to be spotted.

w Zealand. (Photo by Barry Durrant/Getty Images)

When it comes to spotting squids, there have only been three actual sightings of giants squids that have been recorded.

On Christmas Eve this year, there was a rare sighting of a Giant Red squid in Toyama Bay, Japan. The longest Giant squid that was ever recorded was approximately 43 feet long. They are known to be able to get about up to 60 feet long.

The tentacles of the squid are actually longer than the squid’s entire body. Another interesting fact about the Giant squid is the size of its eyes.

They are sometimes said to be as large as a dinner plate, which helps the squid to detect small amounts of light in very deep waters.

The light that is seen by the squid is called bioluminescent light, which comes from living organisms so the squid will be able to see its prey.

When it comes to moving through the water Giant squids use a small fin at the rear mantle of the locomotion.

The squid goes through the water by pushing water through its mantle cavity. The Giant squid usually moves through the water at a pretty slow pace.

The Giant squid can swim through the water very quickly if it wants to by filling their mantle with water and then contracting their muscles to jet water out of the funnel and propel them through the water.

 Giant Squid appears in Japanese Harbor.

Like most other squids, Giant squids have black ink that they use to keep predators away and to squirt when they feel as if they are in danger.

These Giants squids have been a great interest to scientists because of their nervous system and their very large brains. Little is known about their behavior or interaction in the wild because of the minimal observations that can be done.

There have been multiple times where Giant squids have been caught in fisherman nets. In the wild, Giant squids are believed to be solitary hunters, and that is the reason why a lot of squids are not observed in the wild.

There have been a couple of times where Giant squids have been seen in battle. There was one occasion where a sperm whale was seen fighting a 40-ton sperm whale and the outcome was not good for either the whale nor the Giant squid.

There was also a report of a Giant squid that attacked a ship owned by the royals Norwegian Navy.

“In 1965, a Soviet whaler watched a battle between a squid and a 40-ton sperm whale. In the case of this battle, neither was victorious. The strangled whale was found floating in the sea with the squid’s tentacles wrapped around the whale’s throat. The squid’s severed head was found in the whale’s stomach.”

“In the 1930’s a ship owned by the royal Norwegian Navy called the Brunswick was attacked at least three times by the giant squid. In each case the attack was deliberate as the squid would pull along side of the ship, pace it, then suddenly turn, run into the ship and wrap its tentacles around the hull. The encounters were fatal for the squid as its grip on the ship’s steel surface would come loose, and the animal slid off and fell into the ship’s propellers.”

There are a have been a lot of monsters of the sea that have created a lot of scary myths, but people say that Giant squids might be the last of the great monsters of the sea that are still around.

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