Party Decorations For New Year’s Eve: Color Ideas, Clocks, Walls, Noisemakers, Food, Drinks, Hats, And Favors

Party decorations are essential to a successful New Year’s Eve celebration. When throwing a New Year’s Eve bash, you’ll want to ensure you select a color scheme that provides the ambiance you want, and choose complementary party decorations. In addition to color ideas, you’ll need to choose party decorations for your walls to accessorize food and drink trays,and lighting for the room. You’ll also need to select festive hats, choose noisemakers, and ensure you have enough favors for all your guests. You might want to choose a specific New Year’s Eve theme for your party decorations, such as clocks, Father Time, babies, champagne, calendars or anything you prefer. There are certain objects or items that are associated with New Year’s, and these are often included in a decorating scheme. New Year’s Eve is associated with fireworks and firecrackers, sparklers and streamers, making resolutions, festivities in New York such as the ball drop at Times Square, the countdown to 12:00 a.m. and the New Year’s kiss that occurs at the stroke of midnight. You can easily incorporate these into your party decorations and design.

Since the color scheme is essential to your choice of party decorations, many choose the color pallet first. Metallics are always a popular choice for New Year’s Eve. Silver and gold are often used predominantly in many party decorations, favors, and wall accessories. Sometimes, metallics are selected as accent colors; however, you can always make a bold statement by using black and white with other colors. A New Year’s Eve party with a design scheme of gold and silver with black and white as accent colors will be elegant as well as celebratory. Festive and bright colors such as purple, green, red, blue, and black are also popular and metallics may be used as an accent. There really is no right or wrong color scheme for New Year’s Eve party decorations. Choose the color you prefer and plan your party decorations according to your selected scheme. Intimate Weddings put together five color schemes that are perfect for any New Year’s Eve party and will look magnificent with complementary party decorations.

Here are some examples of various color schemes used with different party decorations.

Wall party decorations should not be overlooked. Some might choose to cover the entire walls with decorative scenes, while others will settle for festive streamers, garlands, banners, and balloons. Since time is the main aspect of New Year’s, it’s an appropriate choice to add decorative clocks to the walls. You may also opt for watches and other clocks as accent pieces to decorate in rooms. Not only do wall clocks and watches fit into the overall New Year’s Eve design, but they serve a practical purpose as well. Since your guests will be counting down until midnight, the clocks will make sure that all guests will be counting on synchronized time.

Noisemakers are another party favor that you won’t want to overlook. New Year’s Eve is not a quiet holiday and is one where people are happy, festive and at times loud. As soon as the clock strikes midnight and the new year has begun, it is welcomed with fanfare, shouts, whistles and noisemakers. You can find party decorations and favors that come in kits. These often include New Year’s glasses, hats and noisemakers.

When selecting party decorations for New Year’s Eve, don’t overlook the importance of accessorizing your food and drinks. Serving platters, trays, decorative napkins, tableware, and glassware such as flutes, can ensure your Hors d’oeuvres are served in style. Use confetti in creative ways. You can cover tables, counters and sprinkle confetti around serving trays for a unique look. Lighting is also important and when choosing party decorations you may want to incorporate string lighting or candles for added touches. String lighting along walls or tables for a splendid look. Make sure to keep beverages such as alcoholic drinks, champagne and cocktails on ice. Ice buckets are an essential and you may want to select metallic colors or other festive bright pallets for swizzle sticks and picks. Have enough champagne flutes, cups, shot glasses and cocktail napkins on hand. Serve food on dessert plates. You can easily find party decorations that will ensure your food and beverages are served in style.

Hats, tiaras, glasses, beads, and light up favors are all important aspects to your party decorations. Dressing up for the New Year’s party is paramount to having a good time. There are party favors and gift bags you can make, such as creating small take home bags or boxes, as well as the favors you’ll want on hand for the party itself. Choose appropriate party decorations and favors and don’t forget to send your guests home with a gift bag to remember their time welcoming in the new year.

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