Some 'Captain America: Civil War' Characters Will Change Drastically By Movie's End

Captain America: Civil War speculators have a hunch of what big changes to the Marvel movie universe Captain America: Civil War will bring. Not only can't movie studios prevent leaks, but they can also fool the curious with false leaks. The producers of Captain America know that, which is why they may be playing mind tricks with people who think they know the movie plot.

If you don't want any spoilers to ruin your experience of Captain America when it opens in May, then you should stop reading now. For those who don't care and just have to have the latest rumors, whether confirmed to be true or not, then keep reading.

Recently the Russo brothers, who directed this movie along with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, have been giving interviews leading up to Civil War. The brothers have been talking about their directing work, as after Captain America they will take on duties for the Avengers movies, giving them great responsibility in Marvel's movie future.

The brothers spoke about things that hint towards the death of major characters. Screen Rant captured a quote the duo revealed during an interview in China.

"The stakes of both Civil War and the Avengers: Infinity War movies are gonna be very high, and there will be a price to pay for the characters. And that's the whole point of cumulative storytelling. We're going to go on emotional journeys with these characters and we've got a lot invested in the emotion. We have the responsibility to be mindful of how these people feel about the characters and, at the same time, we also have a responsibility to carry through on the storytelling. As filmmakers, we believe in stakes. You can't have good storytelling without strong stakes. So, there will be a price to pay. There will be a price to pay in Civil War. There will be characters who suffer in that movie and will come out and never be the same again. And in Avengers: Infinity War the stakes will be raised to a whole new level and people should expect to be shocked when they see the movies."
So who will never be the same and who will get killed? In Age of Ultron Quicksilver got killed his first time out, so Marvel's proven they aren't afraid to take some drastic measures in storytelling. Of course, there is another Quicksilver running around in X-Men films, so he's not totally gone from movies. But Marvel has yet to bring an end to a main Avengers character who has featured prominently. The actors themselves are getting older, and may want to do other types of movies or have other career moves in mind. Chris Evans has already stated he wants to do other things besides acting.It would be logical for Captain America to meet his demise here. Directly following the Civil War comics, that's exactly what happened to him. Age of Ultron barely followed the comic book story, but the movie version of Civil War might shock fans by sticking to comic book form. In comics lore, other Avengers have become Captain America, including Winter Soldier and Falcon. It's a risky cinematic move, but if moviegoers are ready to deal with all the deaths and resurrections in comic book land, then this could be a climactic lead up to Avengers: Infinity War.

That Hashtag Show claims that their industry sources have revealed Peggy Carter dying earlier, and Captain America dying later. But they also said that three different people were recorded picking up Cap's shield after he died. Rumors state three different takes included Falcon, Winter Soldier, and, surprisingly, Sharon Carter. That could purely be a move meant to give both people working on the film and people who spy on the filming process a tease. But the editing room could change all of that. If the unnamed source is a part of that editing team, then Captain America: Civil War just spilled a major plot hook, but has not revealed who the new Cap will be.

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live]