Paleo Snacks: The Benefits Of Eating Like A Caveman

The Paleo diet and eating Paleo snacks is part of the many trending diets in America practiced by celebrities and non-celebrities alike. They seem to come and go like the seasons. However, the Paleo diet is supposedly as old as the Paleolithic era itself. That’s because it is believed to be comprised of foods that were exclusively eaten by Paleolithic cavemen.

Supposedly, this diet has benefited mankind for centuries and nutritionists are now taking notice. They are finding that everyday teenagers in particular, can reap major benefits from eating Paleo snacks. Casey Seidenberg–co-founder of Nourish Schools– wrote on the the Journal Gazette that Paleo snacks may be the most appropriate diet for growing teens. The co-founder of the D.C. based nutrition education company also claims that parents aren’t fully aware of the hormonal changes teens, including the following.

  • Hormone surges can make them moody, trigger sugar cravings and cause skin breakouts.
  • During major growth spurts, kids have increased caloric requirements and may seem insatiable.
  • Sports, extracurricular activities and homework schedules make it harder for them to sit down for a regularly scheduled family meal.
  • Sleep patterns change; if kids wake up later, they may not be hungry for breakfast before school.
  • Teens and tweens spend more time away from home, which means they eat more of their meals and snacks with peers.

The Journal Gazette claims that Paleo snacks can combat these nutrition discrepancies with all of their nutritious benefits. Paleo snacks are rich in nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin A, healthy fats, and protein–all of which are proven to be beneficial for growing teens.

A Paleo diet can also serve as a great alternative for the usual sugar, gluten, and trans fat rich foods, which can trigger skin inflammation, irritation, and acne, which is prominent among teens.

Water, blueberries, and tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, which helps to keep skin clear of acne naturally. These common antioxidant rich foods are just a small portion of the Paleo diet and make for simple Paleo snacks.

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But adults can benefit from Paleo snacks too. For example, salmon and flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which promotes healthier digestion.

Websites like suggests that a good Paleo diet and lifestyle consists of, eating a large amount of good saturated fats like and coconut oil, avocado, lard, and duck fat.

Paleo dieters also should not shy away from red meats like beef, bison, and the fatty cuts that come with them. Some other good meats for Paleo dieters include poultry, pork, eggs, and organ meats.

Frozen vegetables–cooked raw or in fat–should also be eaten on a Paleo Diet. Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes are good for getting a recommended dose of non-toxic carbohydrates.

Some food items to avoid on a Paleo diet include, cereal grains, legumes, vegetable hydrogenated oils (margarine, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, etc.), sugary drinks, and dairy.

Some Paleo lifestyle choices include, eliminating stress from your life when possible. Interestingly enough, they also claim that Paleo dieters should limit the amount of exercise they do per week (contrary to popular belief).

There is no shortage of Paleo snacks that anyone (adult and teenager) can enjoy at home either. PopSugar has recipees for snacks such as the following.

  • Strawberry leather–A baked strawberry puree candy
  • Baked Sweet potato crisp
  • Bacon and brussel sprout skewers
  • Kale chips
  • banana muffins
  • Apple chips
  • Babaganoush (instead of hummus dip)
  • Fruit and nut bars
  • Almond butter apricot bites
  • Dark chocolate nut clusters

Eating Paleo snacks are also good for focus, stamina, and recovery as well. This is another reason why Seidenberg suggests simply eating natural Paleo foods instead of investing in popular protein shakes and other work out supplements are the most beneficial for your health.