Champagne Cocktails: Recipes For Your New Year’s Eve Party And Celebration Drinks [Videos, Photos]

Champagne cocktails are the epitome of every New Year’s Eve party and we’ve got plenty of drink recipes for you. There’s nothing like toasting to the beginning of a new year when the clock strikes midnight, and we’ve got some of the best champagne drinks and cocktails to make sure your night is sealed with a touch of elegance. When choosing champagne cocktails to your New Year’s party, remember that presentation is just as important as the drinks you serve. Choose elegant flutes to serve your drinks according to your budget and serve cocktails on festive drink trays for an added touch. If you’re new to throwing a party or mixing champagne cocktails have no fear. We found the perfect guide at Better Homes and Garden to help newbies choose quality champagne. As always, remember to drink responsibly.

Once you’ve selected your champagne, you’ll want to try making some delicious cocktails that aren’t only bubbly and sparkling, but delicious as well. Keep your champagne chilled in an ice bucket until you are ready to mix it. Traditional Home magazine has combined a number of champagne cocktail recipes including the classic champagne cocktail. For the classic champagne cocktail, you’ll want to soak 1 sugar cube with 2 to 4 drops of Angostura bitters. You accomplish this by adding the bitters slowly to a sugar cube that has been placed in a cup. The sugar cube is ready when it is completely soaked (use bitters according to your personal taste, but anywhere between 2 to 4 drops should suffice. Keeping the champagne flute chilled, add ½ to 1 ounce of cognac or your preferred brandy to the flute. The brandy isn’t necessary but it adds a distinctive flavor to the champagne cocktail. Next, add the bitters soaked sugar cube. Top the flute with chilled champagne (approximately 3 ounces). Garnish with a twist of lemon peel. You can take the lemon peel twist and run it along the edge of the flute for added taste, then drop it in the flute.

Check out these recipes from Traditional Home that includes a variation of the classic champagne cocktail as well as drink recipes for the following drinks: Bubbly Poinsettia, Raspberry-Champagne Sparkler, Champagne Cosmo and the Raspberry Champagne Cocktail.

Vogue has collected nine champagne cocktail recipes that are perfect for your New Year’s Eve party or celebration. Drinks are an important part to your party and it’s important to choose beforehand the drinks you want to prepare. Vogue’s champagne drink recipes include the following cocktails: Victory Peak, The Early Bird, Golden Extravaganza, Tell Jacy, The Blushing Poinsettia, A Little Happiness, Pear Necessity, Senora Bonita and The Dame in Spain.

Make it Better has 12 champagne cocktail recipes that are perfect for New Year’s Eve. In the picture below, you can see how decorative and festive the preparation and presentation for the cocktails is. The cocktails are served in chilled glasses and are served upon a silver tray that is filled with party favors, bits of sparkly, silver ribbons and shiny stars. It’s very important to ensure you don’t focus so heavily on preparing the perfect champagne cocktail that you forget about the presentation. Make it Better has the following champagne cocktail recipes on the site: Cherry Thyme Champagne Cocktail, Ruby Fizz, Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail, Royale Resolution, Seelbach, Peach Bellini, Pear and Ginger Champagne Cocktail, Northern Spy, Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail (for those who are enjoying warm temperatures on New Year’s, the Pineapple Coconut Champagne cocktail may be a suitable choice as this is a cocktail associated with warm sand and beaches), Pomegranate Champagne Punch, Feel This Cocktail and Mi Amore.

When choosing champagne cocktails for your New Year’s event make sure to allow enough drinks per person or guest. It’s always better to have more than enough champagne than not enough. Include the cost of drinks in your budget. Some find that it is better to scrimp in other areas in order to serve the finest champagnes. You can find champagne for an array of budgets, but there’s no mistaking the difference in champagne compared to sparkling wine. Pick your ingredients selectively to ensure that your drinks are the perfect choice for your New Year’s toast. Champagne cocktails are the perfect choice for every holiday celebration and New Year’s Eve party.

[Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images for Courvoisier]