'Southern Charm' Sex, Lies, Videotape, And Drugs? Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis Make Wild Accusations

Well, as least this all should be good for ratings? Just before the new season of Southern Charm starts, the usual suspects of Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are at it again, and this time, in a very public forum. Ravenel is claiming publicly that Dennis used drugs while pregnant, though he is the one with the record for drugs, and she is calling him out for trolling Tinder while they were together and while she was pregnant.

According to the Inquisitr, the production of Southern Charm is no stranger to controversy and accusations. Executive producer Bryan Kestner has been charged with domestic violence and battery against his former fiancée. He is also being sued by the same ex in civil court for the recovery of funds associated to a variety of ventures, including the now defunct Generalissimo, which used to include Southern Charm star Whitney Sudler-Smith as an investor.

OK Here's The Situation is reporting that the dynamic between the Southern Charm stars Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis seems to change hourly, and often it goes from bad to ugly really fast. It seems that over 50-year-old Ravenel and the just-over-20-year-old Dennis go from engaged to throwing barbs on social media to making more babies. Now the accusations are about Dennis using drugs while pregnant with their son, and Ravenel trolling Tinder, other social media, and every bar in Charleston for company of the generally female persuasion for the evening. And when these two throw down, they do it for everyone to see.

Christine Lo of OK reported that Ravenel took to Twitter to mention that doing drugs while pregnant is not okay.

"And on Christmas Eve Thomas replied by saying, 'doing drugs while 6 months pregnant is not cool.' (I'm guessing he is likely referring to pot as opposed to anything heavy like cocaine…..a-hem)."

Lo is referring to Ravenel's Federal conviction for cocaine that put him in prison. But Southern Charm's Dennis insists that Ravenel looks for casual sex on Tinder. Ravenel really likes social media, huh? It seems they have that in common.

Another article in OHTS reports that Southern Charm's Ravenel has found himself another young lady, conveniently just before the birth of his son, his second child with Dennis. Friends of Dennis told the site that Ravenel is once agains running around with a recent college graduate.
"Her name, according to friends of Kathryn, and I emphasize according because I have not heard anything definitive, is Ashley. She is a USC graduate, and splits her time between Charleston and Columbia. Rumor is that she majored in communications but I have not been able to confirm that or her identity yet.... However, as I mentioned before her age is between 24-26 which would honesty jive with Thomas's clear need to pursue anything younger than 3 decades apparently. But right now everyone that knows her full name, and I only think it is two or three people, are currently deflecting the question and not being forthcoming with her name."
And then there is the claim about a woman who is allegedly a lesbian, who Kathryn said on the Southern Charm reunion was sleeping with Ravenel during her first pregnancy. Sources say the claim that the woman is a lesbian is likely untrue, or what would she see in Ravenel?

"I do know why they call this woman the lesbian. Supposedly she is very in shape and for some reason, struck Kathryn as looking like one."

OK also mentioned that Ravenel "accidentally" put a photo of himself kissing a mystery brunette, but when he saw things clearly the next day, he took it down.

Do you think there is truth to all of this Southern Charm drama? Can Ravenel and Dennis possibly get it together for the sake of their children?

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