Savannah Guthrie Will Replace Ann Curry On ‘Today’ Show

Savannah Guthrie has been named at Ann Curry‘s successor on the NBC’s today show, following her quiet entrance into Curry’s former seat on Friday morning.

The Hollywood Reporter has claimed an exclusive on the news that Guthrie, 40, has been placed in the position permanently, following Curry’s raw exit yesterday. Her name has been circulating, along with Hoda Kotb’s, ever since rumors first surfaced that NBC was looking to replace Ann.

According to Newser, the move is not surprising at all in the quick ousting of Curry, who has been with NBC’s morning show for 15 years, spending just one short year as Matt Lauer’s co-host. NBC is expected to release a statement acknowledging the change and additional position for Savannah Guthrie.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that:

“Friday’s show did not include the usual voice-over naming Today‘s co-hosts as NBC News executives sought to put just a little distance between Curry’s exit and Guthrie’s entrance.”

Guthrie, Lauer, and the network appeared to act like nothing had changed between Curry’s tearful exit on Thursday and Guthrie’s appearance on Friday, despite what The Hollywood Reporter calls, “an extraordinarily raw and emotional segment on Thursday’s show.”

The Detroit Free Press notes that Guthrie must be “either very brave or very foolish” for stepping into the role so soon, but notes that, aside from seeming a little bit stiff, she fit in better with Matt Lauer’s co-hosting style than Ann Curry did. They also encourage readers not to put the blame on Savannah Guthrie for NBC’s removal of Curry, noting that it was not her fault Ann Curry was pushed out of the role on “Today.”

What do you think of Savannah Guthrie taking over the role as co-host from Ann Curry just one day after Curry’s tearful goodbye (and obviously forced removal)?

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Check out footage of Friday’s “Today Show” below: