Is This Really Justin Bieber? Creepy Video Emerges

Canadian star Justin Bieber looks super-creepy in a new video posted on Snapchat. The star sneers and pulls faces as he hams for the camera with father Jeremy Bieber. The resulting footage is genuinely unsettling, especially when the star extends his tongue and wriggles it like a serpent preparing to strike.


Who would have thought the “Baby” singer and former YouTube sensation had it in him? Justin Bieber entered the popular imagination as the protege of Usher, cherubic and naive, with an angelic voice and a half-coconut-shell haircut that evolved into a side-swept fringe ‘do after he found fame (Bieber’s brown hair was still cut evenly all the way around his head, and it still fell heavily like a curtain, but the fringe was whisked to the side, as if somebody had pulled away the drapes to allow the doe-eyed youngster to take a look at the outside world). Little Justin won teen girl’s hearts worldwide with intimate bedroom videos in which he recreated hits by stars like Usher and Jason Derulo. Those early videos show him crooning for the camera with a polished and confident delivery reminiscent of a young Michael Jackson.

To be fair, looking at this video you would not imagine Justin getting up to any naughty mischief, and the fit star has certainly proven himself capable of the occasional scandal (remember when the Daily Mail reported that he kicked a chair over at a diner after hearing some bad news?)

The young kid in the video would go on to surprise us all with a couple of arrests, some impressive nude photos, as reported by Idolator, a religious awakening, a musical comeback, a habit of riding lowly staffers as if they were tundra-crossing mules, and now an ability to pull nightmare-inducing facial expressions.


Justin Bieber is proving that he is a family guy at heart, though. The star spent Christmas with his family in the Dominican Republic, and a bunch of sweet photos of Justin with brother Jaxon, sister Jazmyn, and his father and stepmother have surfaced on the web. The self-declared “emotional guy” looks happy and relaxed in the shots, and he even encourages cute Jaxon to destroy a sandcastle in one of the clips posted on Snapchat.

It seems Justin didn’t explain what was about to happen to the rest of the Biebers when he decided it was time for some destruction.

“What am I doing?” adorable Jaxon asks when the camera starts rolling.

Justin has to prompt him to knock the sandcastle down. Father Jeremy Bieber can then be heard yelling somewhere in the background, asking the boys what they are doing. Could the former wrestler have just finished the seaside creation only to have it toppled by his naughty sons when he went for a fresh beer or a sunscreen reapplication?

It looks like Bieber’s friend Hailey Baldwin joined the family for some Christmas relaxation too. Justin posted a photo of a group that included himself, Hailey, and Jaxon on the beach, captioning it “Sandcastlekings.”

That caption is not just a beach activities reference, according to some. The Daily Mail is reporting that Sandcastle Kings is the title of a religious self-help book Justin may have read. The book was apparently written by the pastor who married Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Sexy new photos of Xenia Deli, the Eastern European model who frolicked with Justin in his “What Do You Mean?” have also appeared today, according to the Mirror.

Are you enjoying Purpose by Justin Bieber?

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]