When Streaking Goes Bad: Naked Man Gets Tazed, Slaps Cop [Video]

Dan Evon

All Dave wanted to do was go streaking in downtown Indianapolis. But then the police showed up and everything had to get all physical.

This is what happens when a streak goes bad.

According to the user who posted the video on Youtube, the streak, identified as Dave, is a pretty "nice guy." It was just unfortunate that his naked run through the city "went bad."

Taylor Freaking J writes:

"Dave (The Streaker) appears to be a nice guy outside of this video. I'm sorry the streak went bad! My apologies to his family for the unwanted attention..."

He's tazed, tackled, hit, but still manages to run around. At the 1:30 mark he slaps a police officer, does a backward somersault, and escapes from police. Of course, at the 2 minute mark he's tackled again and put in cuffs.

Lesson: Never under-estimate the ninja like abilities of naked drunk guy.

(Here's the video. It contains a lot of screaming, tazing, and censored male nudity. Watch at your own risk.)

[Hat tip: Web Pro News]