Anthony Weiner Is Back: Former Congressman Can’t Believe ObamaCare Survived

Oh, Anthony Weiner.

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s Affordable Care Act gave the disgraced former congressman the chance he was waiting for to re-enter the political conversation. Weiner, who resigned a year ago after admitting to sending racy photos of himself to a Twitter follower, sat down for an interview with the Observer’s Politicker blog on Thursday to discuss the historic and controversial ruling.

Hilariously enough, the interview is laden with many an F-bomb, notes NY Daily. I guess now that he’s no longer responsible to the public, he’s truly free to express himself. He revealed his belief that President Obama dropped the ball and bombed on the debate surrounding the bill, and also expressed his incredulity that it was even upheld by the highest court in the land.

“I think you can count on one hand the number of barnstorming kind of events they did after the health care law was passed,” he said of the White House. “He should have been out there all the time, all over the place.”

Weiner was a serious contender for mayor before his little sexting scandal, popularly referred to as “Weinergate.” Okay, I was just looking for an excuse to write “Weinergate” in this article.

If you are excited about Weiner’s return to the public eye, might I offer a few words of caution (without even bringing up the scandal that resulted in his resignation). This is the guy who took unilateral credit for authoring the Affordable Care Act, declaring “I wrote the bill. … The bill and I are one,” at the Middle Village Property Tax Association in September of 2010, which, if true, means that ObamaCare can also be called WeinerCare. Stop giggling.

Second, despite being one of the healthcare law’s most vocal Democratic supporters and one of the last congressional holdouts for the individual mandate, he worked like crazy to find a way to opt out of the reforms in his own home state, according to a Politico report. He admitted that New York wouldn’t be able to bear the financial burden of Obama’s healthcare reforms, and lobbied for a waiver.

In summation: Weiner writes bill. Weiner waives bill. Weiner go away, Weiner come back, Weiner can’t believe those dummies pass bill he write.

Take what this guy says with a grain of salt while you read the full interview here.