Hacktivist Group Anonymous Claims They Have Already ‘Foiled One ISIS Attack Against Italy,’ Say They Won’t Stop

The hacktivist group Anonymous declared cyber war against the Islamic State following the horrifying terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Anonymous claims they were taking down 1,000 accounts every day and even say they have “foiled” the plans of ISIS to attack Italy. The group did not go into detail about the planned attack but simply noted that a video would be released soon after the operation was complete.

The Daily Mail reports that the hacktivist group Anonymous is taking steps to ensure that ISIS is stopped and that they will do everything in their power to ensure another attack like Paris does not take place on their watch. The “Operations Paris” began shortly after the terror attacks in Paris, with the group noting they would not let those killed in the terrorist attacks have died in vain.

Our thoughts and love go out to all of those who either passed away or are affected by the #ParisAttacks. We will not let them die in vain.

— #OpParis (@OpParisOfficial) November 14, 2015

In the days following the attacks, Anonymous also claimed that, just hours before the deadly Paris terror attacks, the group was stopped from exposing ISIS recruiters by social media giant Facebook.

Hours Before Paris Terror Attack, Facebook Stopped Anonymous From Exposing ISIS Recruiters https://t.co/gx7FEei17O — #OpParis (@OpParisOfficial) November 15, 2015

The hacktivists say that the Anonymous group Red Cult initiated an operation to counter the ISIS social media presence, called #OpISIS. However, their efforts were thwarted by Facebook when the social media company removed their “report ISIS accounts” from the Facebook network for violating Facebook community standards.

According to Red Cult, Facebook is refusing to respond to inquires about suspected ISIS recruiters, which is hindering Anonymous’ ability to get the suspected terrorists’ accounts removed. Though the group is on their own, that hasn’t stopped them from moving forward in their cyber battle with the terrorist organization. Anonymous hackers hope to take down ISIS by taking down their social media presence which counter-terrorism experts has warned is their lifeline for recruiting purposes. Therefore, Anonymous hopes to remove their ability to effectively recruit via social media and claim to be working endlessly on that mission.

As a result of their efforts, Anonymous claims it foiled an attack against Italy and that the group will provide a video to prove it at a later date.

As people continued to ask for additional information about the ISIS takedown, Anonymous responded by posting a status update that noted the group will provide a video as soon as the operation is fully complete.

Yes, 1 target has been stopped, a video will be released after the op is completed, no time to satisfy your curiosity, stay tuned.. #OpParis

— #OpParis (@OpParisOfficial) December 28, 2015

Anonymous says that they would love to be able to “satisfy your curiosity,” but they are too busy on the project to provide further details at the moment. The group has also been busy posting videos of their “new massive” attacks against ISIS and seem confident their efforts are paying off.

#OpParis will never stop! We started a new massive attack against #ISIS: https://t.co/0zeDW5E1zk #Anonymous #ParisAttacks

— #OpParis (@OpParisOfficial) November 30, 2015

Meanwhile, authorities across the globe are also busy thwarting planned terrorist attacks around the world. Bosnia recently arrested 11 people for planning terrorist attacks as another attack was thwarted in Jerusalem.

What do you think about the Anonymous hackers’ claims that they thwarted a terrorist attack in Italy? Do you think the hacker group has the capability to take down the terrorist organization?

[Image via Anonymous]