Savanah Guthrie Fills In For Ann Curry On ‘Today’ [Video]

There’s a pretty good chance that Savanah Guthrie will permanently replace Ann Curry on “The Today Show.” Guthrie has been one of the main candidates to fill the vacant seat and today she did just that alongside Matt Lauer.

Guthrie hasn’t officially been named as Curry’s replacement but NBC gave her a trial run today. MTV reports that Guthrie has been the co-host of the 9 a.m. hour of “Today” and is NBC News’ chief legal correspondent.

Guthrie didn’t talk about her future on “The Today Show.” In fact, everyone acted like nothing unusual was going on behind the scenes. The NY Daily News reports that NBC skipped the normal opening voiceover (which introduces the audience to Matt Lauer, and until recently, Ann Curry) and didn’t show the host’s names at the bottom of the screen.

Instead, Lauer and Guthrie jumped right into the news.

Here’s how the show started.

Lauer: Good morning, welcome to Today on a Friday morning. I’m Matt Lauer.

Guthrie:Good morning everyone I’m Savanah Guthrie and the victim in that Colorado wildfire was found inside one of the hundreds of homes that had been destroyed there.

What, no banter? Guthrie didn’t even take a breath after saving her name.

NBC also treated Curry’s goodbye rather oddly. Curry gave her last appearance on “Today” yesterday. But it wasn’t a celebration of a great career. It was a somber, sad goodbye that was only given a few minutes of air time.

You can watch Ann Curry’s goodbye here.

How do you think NBC is handling this transition? Do you think Savanah Guthrie will permanently replace Ann Curry?