Laser Hair Removal, Fillers, And Botox: What’s The Latest Buzz?

With a beauty-obsessed culture that’s more affected by the popularity of selfies, it’s no wonder terms like laser hair removal, fillers, and Botox are oftentimes filling the news. According to the Irish Independent, plastic surgeons are concerned about sheer number of women in their 20s that show the doctors photos of their favorite celebrities — like Kylie Jenner — and tell them they want to appear as such. Blame it on the proliferation of selfies and social media, say experts.

Whereas certain procedures used to be reserved as the domain of older women, in 2015, some of the most common procedures that those from 20-years-old to 30-years-old and up request that aren’t invasive are lip enhancements, fillers, and Botox. Good doctors caution women about how a little bit of lip filler can affect their appearances. While lots of people are happy with plumper lips, not everyone is satisfied with the little tweaks and could be suffering from a form of body dysmorphic disorder.

According to the Orange County Business Journal, the FDA approved Allergan PLC’s Juvéderm Ultra XC for lip fillers in folks 21 years of age and older. Already cleared by the FDA since 2006, Juvéderm has been used for filling in volume loss in the lower face region.

While Kylie admitted to getting lip fillers, Khloe Kardashian has denied getting face fillers, reports OK! Magazine. After all, with Khloe only being 31 years of age, Kardashian likely still has a plump enough face without needing fillers. Although Khloe said that a friend of hers told her that Khloe’s face looked flat on the right side, because Kardashian admits she sleeps on her right side, Khloe didn’t want fillers to correct that. Instead, Khloe made a point to sleep on her left side as well, and do natural things for her skin, like drink plenty of water.

As far as laser hair removal, as reported by Good Housekeeping, the permanent hair removal process is still going like gangbusters as 2015 approaches 2016 — at least for those willing to pay for the process. Laser hair removal could work best on dark and coarse hair, while some folks with blonde hair might discover laser hair removal not working as well for them. Either way, upon going for a laser hair removal session, one should expect to feel some sort of pain.

Also, laser hair removal can bring unexpected things, like the smell of burned or singed hair as the laser zaps the hair away. Also plan for multiple sessions, sometimes scheduled about eight weeks apart. The laser hair removal process can be exactly that — a process of seeing how much hair doesn’t grow back, and zapping away hair that does grow back. Those who undergo laser hair removal tend to like the fact that they don’t have to shave the area as often — or never again — nor worry about waxing and the like. Also, doing away with razor bumps and ingrown hairs can be quite the blessing.

Although celebrity news reports might be filled with the latest reports of stars who’ve overdone the Botox, others are likely getting Botox shots quietly and looking well. While some famous folks admit to their Botox use, Jennifer Garner does not spend $5,000 per month on Botox, reports Gossip Cop, debunking a rumor that Garner was going crazy with the Botox shots.

Reports of Botox being prescribed willy-nilly have made the news as of late as well. As reported by the Daily Mail, shocking reports of doctors who’ve prescribed Botox without even seeing the patients in person to determine if they even needed Botox has brought calls for a crack down on such actions.

[AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin]