WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Is Not Retiring And Says WWE Return Is Still An Option

There is no surprise that Kurt Angle has had a storied and great wrestling career during his time in WWE and TNA. Now, he’s taking a break from wrestling for the year of 2016, and many think that is his subtle way of retiring. Well, Angle has confirmed that he is not retiring just yet, and that going back to TNA isn’t his only option.

Back in September, Angle revealed that he was going to take a break from wrestling for a number of reasons. He doesn’t want to get burnt out, but more importantly, he needs to let his body rest and totally heal up from various injuries.

Many have taken this “break” to mean that the 47-year-old was done with wrestling and was going to be retiring from the ring. In an interview with WrestleTalk TV, Angle made it 100 percent clear that he was not yet retiring. He will be coming back to professional wrestling, but it’s not yet known with which promotion he’ll return.

“I told TNA I was taking a year off, they respected my wish. They would like to talk to me in a year. WWE’s an option. I haven’t lied to TNA, I haven’t lied to anybody, I just want time off. I’ve been doing it for 16 years. I didn’t want to say I was retiring because I’d be lying.”

Angle has said in the past that he would love a return to WWE, but his discussions with Triple H and the company haven’t been the best. Well, never say never in the world of professional wrestling. If Angle can get himself healed up enough in the next year, it would not be out of the question for him to make a WWE comeback.

While TNA is respecting his request for a year off from the ring, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be going back there. Angle has said for years that he wants his final career match to be in WWE and would love for it to be at a WrestleMania event.

As the interview continued, Angle gave even more hints that he would love to go back to WWE. Wrestling Inc. pointed out that Angle is about 50-50 on a possible WWE return, but is absolutely certain that his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is coming.

“Even if I do only wrestle one more match, if I say I’m retiring January 31, I’m lying, and I’m not going to do that. I’m going to wrestle again, I just don’t know when. Is there a possible WWE return? Yes. Is there a possible Hall of Fame induction? I’m going to be inducted, it’s just a matter of when.”

That sure seems like he would not just welcome an induction into the hall, but would truly and honestly love to be a part of it.

Kurt Angle’s current run with TNA is going to be done at the end of January, and that’s essentially when his year off is going to begin. It could be a full year or he could decide to cut his time off short and come back in the summer or late fall.

Whatever he may decide, it is certain that Kurt Angle will not be wrestling his final match during the last month of his current run with TNA. He will have another match and probably many more, but it’s just not certain with what promotion those matches will take place.

Kurt Angle’s historic run in the ring is far from over, but January may actually end up bring an end to his time in TNA. Once his year off concludes, Angle will be back wrestling again, but it could be a WWE ring that sees his return.

[Image via TNA]