Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem: Super Bowl Terror Attack Planned By ISIS Supporter

Authorities say Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem is an ISIS supporter who planned to carry out a terror attack during the 2015 Super Bowl. Kareem, a U.S. citizen from Arizona, is already in custody because of his involvement in a shooting last May in Texas. According to a Reuters report, he was accused of arming and training Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, two men who tried to attack a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest on May 3.

Soofi and Simpson were killed during a shootout with police after they opened fire on a security guard. That shootout has never been linked directly with ISIS, but the men reportedly made a list of targets for attacks, court documents revealed.

The Daily Mail reports that the aforementioned list is said to have contained the University of Phoenix Stadium — where the Super Bowl was held — as well as military bases, shopping malls, and the cartoon contest where his two accomplices carried out the attack.

According to investigators, Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem was preparing to go fight in the ranks of the Islamic State and he also got information on what kind of explosives he would have had to use to blow up the stadium where the Super Bowl took place. In addition, according to new developments in the investigation into the Texas shooting, Kareem not only supplied guns to Simpson and Soofi (the charge for which he is in jail for), but he also encouraged them to commit acts of violence in the United States in retaliation for U.S. military actions in the Middle East.

The trio, along with other Islamic State supporters, often met and watched videos which depicted numerous acts of jihadist violence and apparent wartime footage in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East as well “torture and executions” by ISIS members, the report states.

“While watching the videos, Kareem exhorted and encouraged Simpson and Soofi to engage in violent activity in the United States to support [ISIS] and impose retribution for United States military actions in the Middle East,” the indictment said.

“This is an individual who is apt to incite violence,” prosecutor Kristen Brook was quoted as saying. “This defendant, based on all these facts, is dangerous — he is off-the-charts dangerous.”


CNN reports that Kareem has been indicted on charges that he sought to use pipe bombs to target the Super Bowl event.

A new indictment also accuses Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, who also goes by the name Decarus Thomas, of providing material support to the jihadist militant group by accessing an ISIS document listing the names and addresses of service members in the United States military. Earlier this year, authorities say the men picked out various military installations they planned on attacking.

Kareem was charged on Wednesday with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit a felony, making false statements, and other crimes, CNN wrote. An indictment earlier this year charged him with conspiracy and weapons charges in connection with the attack in Garland.

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