New Year’s Eve Movies For The Perfect Night In Or Theme Party [Videos]

New Year's Eve movies are a great way to enjoy a night in on the holiday, or even for throwing a themed party. There are movies that take place on or around New Year's Eve or Day in a variety of genres. Not everyone enjoys going out on the holidays and some prefer to stay in and watch the clock strike midnight from the comfort and relaxation of their own home. Others may enjoy the party atmosphere, but may choose to give their New Year's Eve party an extra touch by focusing the party on a movie's theme. Whether interested in a romance, comedy or horror film, we have a list of New Year's Eve movies perfect for your viewing and entertainment.

Those interested in crime New Year's Eve movies, may want to check out The Godfather Part II and Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

Those who feel like watching a comedy on New Year's Eve will find several classic, humorous films to choose from. Trading Places is one of the most popular holiday films that has a New Year's theme. The film stars Saturday Night Live alumni Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd.
Ghostbusters II is also a classic comedy that takes place on or around New Year's, making it a great addition to your holiday movies collection.Those looking for a nice drama to add to their New Year's Eve movies may want to check out this classic film with Cher: Mermaids. A Golden Globe-nominated effort for Winona Ryder, Mermaids is an unforgettable classic and coming of age story.Two films of great consideration for New Year's Eve movies include the 1972 classic The Poseidon Adventure and its 2006 remake Poseidon. Those who haven't seen the films may want to watch both back to back.
Horror movies to consider for New Year's Eve and Day include The Mystery of the Wax Museum,New Year's Evil, Terror Train, End of Days and The Mephisto Waltz.
When it comes to choosing New Year's Eve movies, there is no question that romance films are where you'll find a plentiful choice. Some of the best New Year's Eve and day movies are popular films that have since become classics. Meg Ryan stars in both When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. Sandra Bullock stole hearts in While You Were Sleeping. Renee Zellweger stars in the Bridget Jones' Diary franchise of films and the first one is perfect for any New Year's celebration. Sex and the City: The Movie is also a great choice for women who will stay in, or want to throw a Sex and the City themed New Year's party.

Sandra Bullock displays her American sweetheart charm in the delightful comedy While You Were Sleeping. This movie is warm, touching and hilarious. If you are looking for New Year's Eve movies that not only warm the heart but will have you laughing wholeheartedly, then check out While You Were Sleeping.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan stole hearts with their rom-com You've Got Mail. The pair reunited for the New Year's classic Sleepless in Seattle. Anyone looking for a nice romantic story to start the new year with will enjoy this movie.
There are many New Year's Eve movies perfect for any holiday or just enjoying an evening in. Do you have a favorite New Year's Eve movie?