December 27, 2015
Lecanto, Florida: Woman Rides Motorized Cart Through Walmart While Eating Chicken, Drinking Wine -- Gets Arrested

A woman was arrested in a Walmart store in Lecanto, Florida, on Tuesday, and it was for reasons that you may never have expected. The woman was riding a motorized shopping cart around the store, but there was much more to it. While riding the cart, she was eating different foods from around the store and drinking wine as well.

CBS Miami reported that the woman was identified as 25-year-old Josseleen Elida Lopez, and she was arrested after the incident took place on Tuesday afternoon.

Calls were made to the Citrus County Sheriff's Office from employees at the Walmart, and it was about Lopez. A loss prevention employee told the police that there was an alleged shoplifter and they currently had her in custody in the store.

walmart lecanto florida shoplifter drinking eating
Image via Citrus County Sheriff's Office

The calls to police were made after Lopez was seen driving the motorized cart around the Walmart in Lecanto, Florida, and causing a scene. She was drinking wine while eating sushi, cinnamon rolls, and most of a rotisserie chicken.

Upon arriving on the scene, the police arrested her on charges of shoplifting and drug paraphernalia.

According to WNCN, a deputy from the sheriff's office said that there was a half-empty bottle of wine in Lopez's motorized cart. The loss prevention employee told police that he watched her grab a box of sushi from a shelf in Walmart, eat a piece from it, and then put the box back on the shelf.

The prevention loss employee said he watched her since she was acting so suspiciously and saw her do the same thing with some cinnamon rolls and mini muffins. Lopez was then observed on the Walmart main shopping floor where she ate the majority of a rotisserie chicken.

walmart shoplifter lecanto florida
Photo by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Deputies arrived at Walmart and also found two empty syringes in Lopez's possession. One was found in her purse and the other syringe, also empty, was found in her backpack. Lopez did admit to the police that she used the syringes earlier in the day to shoot up crystal meth.

Lopez did admit that she knew that what she was doing was wrong and that she shouldn't have been doing it.

Police asked her why she took the food and she simply admitted to them that she was hungry and wanted to eat. She said that she didn't want to bring it outside of the store so she proceeded to eat it right there.

She also admitted to the police that she is homeless.

In all, Walmart revealed that Lopez had ended up consuming $32.36 worth of food and wine from the store shelves. The bottles of wine she was drinking ended up being revealed to be S. Home.

Walmart is known to have some interesting stories, but they can be totally different.

Early in December, Inquisitr reported that a man went into a Walmart in Pennsylvania and decided to do something nice for a lot of people. Staying anonymous, the man walked into the store and ended up paying off every single person's layaway so they could save some money for Christmas.

In all, the man, known only as "Santa B.," spent around $79,000 to pay off the gifts that were on layaway. He didn't want anyone to identify him and it's believed that he had done something similar at another Walmart the year before.

The woman arrested at the Walmart in Lecanto, Florida, apparently has fallen on hard times and now has ended up in jail. After driving around on a motorized cart while eating Walmart's food and drinking bottles of wine, she may realize that isn't something she ever wants to repeat.

[Photo by Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg/Getty Images]