Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Possibly Revealed, And It’s One You May Not Expect

Since wowing audiences with his breakthrough indie feature, Memento, Christopher Nolan has continuously surprised audiences with tackling a variety of films. Nolan was one of the few directors to show us a scary side of Robin Williams with his remake of Insomnia, and he also revived the Batman franchise after the woefully directed Batman & Robin killed it in 1997.

Now, after working on ambitious features such as Interstellar and Inception, Christopher Nolan may be going after a subject he has yet to cover: World War II. It's just speculation at this moment, but according to France's La Voix Du Nord, via Indiewire, Nolan's latest is reportedly inspired by Operation: Dynamo, in which more than 300,000 soldiers from British, Belgian, and French militaries were rescued from an overwhelming attack by Germany's army.

Nolan has been spotted in Dunkirk, France, as Indiewire points out, and the city's mayor, Patrice Vergriete, announced that an American film will be shot in the area in June of 2016. At the time of Vergiete's announcement, she had said it was to be filmed by "a world famous director." But it has now been confirmed that both Christopher Nolan and his brother, Jonathan, were both in the area possibly doing some location scouting.

Info On Christopher Nolan's Latest Possibly Revealed
[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]Not only is the plot of Christopher Nolan's next feature just pure speculation, but now there is question as to which format he will film it. Since The Dark Knight, Nolan has had certain portions of each of his films shot in the 70MM IMAX format. It is uncertain if he'll shoot any part of his latest using that same format, but fans can at least hope that it will happen.

Christopher Nolan's latest project is being kept so tightly under wraps than not even one of his friends and frequently-casted actors knows anything about it. Earlier this month, the Hollywood Reporter caught up with Michael Caine and asked if he had any information in regards to Nolan's next film. The 82-year-old actor said he recently spent some time with Nolan, with whom he worked on the Dark Knight trilogy, The Prestige, Inception, and Interstellar, and he still has no clue what the film is about, or if he'll even be in it.

"He's got a new movie. I had dinner with him last night … and he's all secretive, and he never told me a thing. I don't know [if there's a role]. He won't tell me."
Christopher Nolan and Interstellar Cast
Christopher Nolan with the cast of 'Interstellar.' (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

If Caine does land a role, it may not come as a surprise. Christopher Nolan's last six films have all featured Caine, starting with 2005's Batman Begins. Caine noted that his role as Alfred the butler in Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy marked a turning point in his career.

"I got to a stage where I was getting older, and I didn't care whether I worked. I'm not there sitting waiting for work, worried about whether I'm going to be a star or not."
But once Christopher Nolan approached his house with a script for Batman Begins in his hand, he knew it would be for a key role. And one of the things that Caine has noticed about Nolan ever since their first meeting was how he doesn't like information about his work getting out. Caine said that if he were to read the script for Nolan's latest film, the two would never be apart from each other.
"[Nolan] is the most secretive person on earth. I know him so well — I had dinner sitting next to him, last night, for three hours. And I know nothing about his next project."
Christopher Nolan's latest project is scheduled to hit theaters in July of 2017. As the Inquisitr previously reported, there was a rumor that stated Nolan's next film could be part one of an Akira trilogy. There have been no updates on that rumor since September of this year.

Do you think Christopher Nolan's latest will be a World War II-inspired film? Would you like to see some Nolan-directed battle sequences in 70MM IMAX format?

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for BFI]