Fetty Wap Christmas Gift Just Put Monty On Big Wheels, BMW Style

Fetty Wap presented Monty with the ultimate Christmas gift. In a sentimental moment, the two exchanged graces in a display of brotherly love. Fetty Wap didn’t just give Monty any “trap star” car. He upgraded him to something different.

As can be seen from shared videos via Shade Room, Fetty Wap and Monty displayed support for each other as part of the Remy Boyz squad. You can hear Fetty Wap tell his friend, “That’s your s**t right there…nothing but love… That’s you…” And what was it? Fetty Wap’s Christmas gift was a Bavarian Motor Work (BMW) i8. You can see it in the Facebook videos below.

Disclaimer: These videos contain explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Say what you want about Fetty Wap, his eye, or his alleged baby mama. But this guy made sure his right-hand man knew he was appreciated.

Monty has featured on several of Fetty Wap’s songs during his trendy 2015 streak. Also, Monty was in Fetty’s most recent Christmas track, “Merry Xmas.” Yes, Fetty Wap did a Christmas track. You can listen to it below.

Disclaimer: This audio contains explicit lyrics. Discretion is advised.

MTV News notes Fetty Wap’s Christmas song as follows: “Reading the lyrics of the chorus is a misdirection, because it suggests that this is either corny or a parody, but it is neither of those things.”

And that’s correct. The song is actually catchy, to be honest. Also, with all the other artists who create Christmas songs, what’s to stop Fetty from putting his unique spin on a track? Even as it concerns this track, he didn’t simply choose a traditional song and make it his own. Fetty Wap created one from scratch.

Nevertheless, atop his season’s giving, Fetty also decided to thank his fans for their support and enabling him to give his kids the type of holiday they deserve. Via Instagram, his post read as follows:

“Hope every one enjoyed Christmas…I just wanna say thank y’all all for making this my kids best Christmas they probably won’t remember lol. But I made sure they were able to get everything they wanted and needed. Love y’all.”

According to Vibe, Fetty Wap had an incredibly successful year. The source states as follows.

“Fetty’s breakout year included a No. 1 album, a Grammy nomination and history as the first rap artist in four years to have two No. 1 singles in the Billboard Hot 100. In a reflective post, the rapper/singer recalled fantasizing about luxury vehicles, noting that he never believed he would own one.”

With all of those accolades, it’s no wonder how he was able to give his kids such a Christmas. And don’t forget that Fetty is an independent artist, says Stop The Breaks. So, the rapper/singer definitely has a rag-to-riches story. He knows what it means not to have a silver spoon in his mouth.

He and Monty, basically, came from the same stock. So, in an effort to take his friend to the next level along with him, Fetty metaphorically rolled out the red carpet. And though you couldn’t see the face of Fetty’s friend, you could tell by his gestures that the Christmas present was overwhelming.

On another note, if you’re unaware, Kim Kardashian released her own version of emojis called Kimojis. Well, it seems that Fetty Wap has done the same. Via his Instagram, the “My Way” rapper posted a photo of the app. In the pic’s caption, he notes, “Just in time for the holidays. Get my official emoji pack exclusively on Moji Keyboard on iOS. Go to www.fettywapemoji.com to download.”

Unfortunately, Kim’s emojis didn’t rank as high with fans as she had thought they would. Do you think Fetty Wap will have a similar fate? Or will his team see to it that the app is well-received? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment]