It’s Not About That Bass: There Is No Such Thing As ‘Fit Fat,’ According To Obesity Study

To the chagrin of Meghan Trainor fans everywhere, the aerobic nimbleness of obese people is not healthy. In fact, obesity is even more dangerous to the body than lack of fitness.

“The study… evaluated the concept that ‘fat but fit is ok’. Men of a normal weight, regardless of their fitness level, were at lower risk of death compared to obese individuals in the highest quarter of aerobic fitness.”

What is needed now, many believe, is a rollback of the fat acceptance movement which glamorizes a body type that is symptomatic of severe physical disease, not a diversity issues, as some would suggest.

The fat acceptance movement has been controversial, as illustrated by this debate.

The latest research suggests that the previous belief in “health at any size” is proved as false. Despite the marginal improvements to people’s lives through acceptance, this has done nothing to stem the general increased risk of disease associated with obesity.

What does Obesity do to the body?

The following is adapted from an informative guide on the health effects of obesity, particularly on the organs, by Chris Weller on Medical Daily.

“Not being able to fit into your jeans should be the least of your problems.”

Your heart is particularly affected and can lead to the quickest of deaths when a heart attack occurs.

“Atherosclerosis, the hardening of the artery walls, is 10 times more common in the obese than in healthy people.”

This is because fat accumulates inside the arteries and makes it harder to pump blood through your body. As the heart works harder, your blood pressure increases, and the risk of heart attack is increased.

Obesity is a complex disease with complex symptoms leading to a dependence on the health care industry and shorter life spans for those who do not take action to lose weight. As the public study suggests, there is a huge problem of obesity across the United States which is costing big money.

How did we kill smoking? Can we use the same strategy for obesity?

Smoking was greatly stigmatized in the media leading to a dramatic fall in smokers and new smokers.

And so what is needed is the same effect on obesity. However, the task is complicated by obesity being linked to an acceptable body type with such videos as Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” which appears to glorify the obese body.

It would be better to follow another music video which depicts an active workout.

One need not choose between one, an obese figure, or two, an ideal figure. One has a wide range of body weight on a scale according to the BMI, or body mass index, for which there is a calculator to determine whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. Take your measurement here.

The message to take away is that obesity is a disease that will lead to severe health consequences if left untreated. You can do something about it. To get help, consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

[Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]