Hoda Kotb Says Bringing Her Boyfriend Home Was Still Scary at 47

Hoda Kotb is the sidekick to TV’s Kathie Lee and heir apparent to the recently ousted Today show host Ann Curry, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the same dating hassles as the rest of us.

At the age of 47, Hoda Kotb has a new boyfriend, and has been working to integrate him into her life — even gossiping about the budding relationship on her show.

But Kotb says that at her age, a new boyfriend is still a bit of an adjustment. Hoda was at the Women of Concern Awards lunch earlier this week in New York, and she talked to People about how it feels to bring a new dude home to meet her family when you’re pushing fifty.

Kotb says:

“I was a little nervous, I have to say! ‘Cause it doesn’t matter your age. You’re still bringing your boyfriend home to meet your mom, and it’s still weird.”

But Hoda explains that because the new man is good to her, her family seemed pretty keen on him:

“I think the way he cares about me, probably. You know when you watch someone care about someone you care about. It’s just so nice.”

At least they had awesome wigs...

But Hota Kotb also says that meeting a new man in her late forties is a bit strange, and that she is still getting used to having a boyfriend after all these years — she muses:

“You just don’t ever expect it at this stage of your life… I didn’t expect someone would look at me the way he looks at me. And in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been looked at like that in my life, quite frankly.”

At the luncheon, Kotb received a Humanitarian and Leadership Award, so it doesn’t seem having a fella is negatively impacting her career.