‘She’s Playing The Woman’s Card’, Donald Trump Riled By Hillary’s Gender In 2016 Presidential Election

CNN reports on Trump’s latest sound bite. Donald trump is riled by Hillary Clinton‘s gender, believing she will use it to win the 2016 Presidential election over him, proving misogyny prevails in Trump’s election campaign.

“She’s playing the woman’s card.”

Indeed, Hillary Clinton is a woman. However, there are many facts to consider, not just Hillary’s apparent disability for having a vagina. First, the 2016 Presidential election is essentially between two candidates: Hillary Clinton, a Democrat sitting center left of the status quo, and Donald Trump, sitting on his own island which, for now, has the reluctant Republican stamp of endorsement. For the first time, however, a woman could be elected President of the United States. It would truly be an amazing thing if America experienced its first black and female president sequentially.

Such a possibility even indicates that a great liberal sentiment exists in this enigmatic land (America), which has a tradition of supporting religious freedom.

In either event, this statement is not so much to support one side over the other as to consider that America cannot be discounted as a purveyor of civil rights in the anti-segregation movement of Martin Luther King Jr., for example, and also in the feminist movement of the 1970s which began the awareness movement of issues ranging from access to contraceptives and abortion to sexual harassment in the workplace to equal pay in the workplace. This does not stop the Trump camp from claiming that Clinton’s credentials come solely from being the wife of Bill Clinton, the two-term president famous for the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

And so the legacy of her husband’s infidelity remains, but this has cast Hillary in the light of a survivor, someone who did not abandon her husband, but held on professionally and as wife devoted to their partnership in family and in the political sphere. It is a common tactic to attack candidates based on their personal lives. Despite her apparent disability of being a woman, Hillary has a list of accomplishments that would qualify her for the job of President. From working with disadvantaged children over the last forty years to showing her negotiating power as an ambassador of peace between Hamas and Israel, Hillary Clinton has shown her character and diplomacy skills.

But, in the political arena, it is never about one’s character and accomplishments. This Presidential race is a gender war which was declared by Trump in his self-excused sexist, bigoted, and racist tirade, pandering to the lowest common denominator. A strong business man who will stand up to ISIS (Daesh) or the worst kind of male chauvinist verbal diarrhea representing the most reprehensible voices of America? Though some argue, if George W. Bush could not only be elected, but re-elected, this proves anyone get get into the White House these days.

What this really proves is that Trump will be lost for much to say regarding attacking Hillary as a person, so the only target he can find is her gender.

What is really at stake?

All of these questions are a moot point when the issues are considered. Trump will have a conservative-inspired xenophobic attitude leading to libertarian economics and isolation of America in response to the rise of the so-called Islamic State. Clinton will no doubt support self-defense initiatives in Syria, as would Trump, but would continue socialist policies domestically, worrying the tea party insurgency whose supporters roughly reside in the “red states” of America.

The fact is that Trump is riled not so much because Hillary is playing the woman’s card, but rather because his unapologetic misogyny and lack of challenging Hillary’s actual policies will lead this virtual “third party candidate” (Donald Trump is likely not to receive the Republican Party’s backing), to lose the 2016 Presidential race to a woman. And that would not only hurt the Republicans for all the in-fighting and chaos that Donald Trump caused, but also Trump’s own ego as he has prided himself on his masculine qualities.

Perhaps what Trump is afraid of is not that Hillary is a woman, but that she does so well at playing a man. See below as Hillary turns the tables on Trump and mocks him for a change.

[Photos by Scott Olson, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]