Delta-2 Steroid: D2 Steroid Sold By ‘Thomas Mann’ — ‘The Dark Side’ Claims Dustin Keller Bought All D2 Stock Online [Video]

Delta-2 is a steroid that’s featured heavily in the new documentary called The Dark Side. Charlie Sly, a Texas-based pharmacist, said Delta-2 is a steroid that’s great for strength gains.

One of the suppliers of Delta-2 is a man talked about in The Dark Side who won’t reveal his real name. Thomas Mann is a smart guy, a chemist, whose name isn’t really Thomas Mann. He’s a secretive guy who will search a person’s phone and metadata before selling them Delta-2, in order to know who Mann’s dealing with when dealing D2, or Delta-2. Mann will search a person’s credit card data and everything, with Brandon Spletzer being Mann’s fall guy. He brought 100 to 300 needles to one meeting shown in The Dark Side.

Dr. Brandon Spletzer, ND, a Naturopathic Doctor in Yaletown, Vancouver, who practices evidence-based medicine at Sage Clinic, called the peptides a “f***ing” pain to get across the border. Brandon said it was “retarded” of him to bring such controversial stuff across the border. But the list of athletes taking Delta-2 is a long one, according to The Dark Side.

The Dark Side: The secret world of sports doping, as reported by Al Jazeera America, features Delta-2 as one of the most prominent steroids in the documentary.

“One anabolic, and I can give you something to use right now, is this Delta-2 stuff. It’s a steroid…”

Taylor Teagarden is a baseball player who has taken Delta-2. Taylor says he took Delta-2 for two weeks in The Dark Side video. Teagarden admitted he was afraid to take D2, but all the urine tests he took, and no blood tests, meant the Delta-2 went undetected. Only once or twice per year will the MLB perform the blood tests. The peptides leave the system right away, so it’s easier to get away with taking steroids like Delta-2.

“Major League Baseball had no steroid policy up to 2003. The owners did not want these guys to get drug tested. They loved all the home runs.”

About 20 percent — at a minimum — of baseball players are taking steroids like Delta-2, says Eddie Dominguez, who worked for six years with the MLB investigation unit to find steroid users.

“The Steroid Era” helped beef up baseball players, and bring back big buzz to the game of baseball. It’s a game of cat and mouse between the chemists who know what the steroid tests are testing for, such as Delta-2 — and the types of steroids that can pass muster and not get their steroids users caught. MLB forced Eddie out because nobody in baseball wants somebody who is searching for steroid users. Getting off of D2 in time for Delta-2 to leave the athlete’s system is one tactic used.

The MLB claimed it was the players and not the owners who resisted steroid testing. But Eddie said where there’s always a desire for drugs like Delta-2, D2 and other steroids will always be taken.

Ryan Howard is another baseball player of the Philadelphia Phillies who takes D2, says The Dark Side, with Delta-2 giving Howard explosive home runs. Ryan Zimmerman has been on D2, alleges The Dark Side, with claims that Delta-2 does its job. Both Ryans have filed defamation suits against Al Jazeera for the claims, reports ESPN.

Some guys get used to D2, said Sly in The Dark Side. As such, Delta-2 becomes as normal of a steroid to take as other substances.

James Harrison is a football player called a beast in The Dark Side. He plays for the Steelers and is accused of being in the Delta-2 “D2 club,” with one more name added to the Delta-2 list. All of the players say they don’t take D2, and that Delta-2 hasn’t made guys like Harrison fail a drug test, once the Delta-2 accusations came to light.

“You don’t need [testosterone] if you’re taking Delta-2.”


Some guys take D2 for a while, and take Delta-2 like normal. Delta-2 is the new normal.

Peptides are widely available online with disclaimers that they are experimental and not for human consumption. Peptides spike a person’s ability to recover. Mike Neal is a football player who got his Super Bowl ring in 2011 — he changed from lineman to linebacker and had his salary increased from $400,000 to $2 million per year in four years. His fat weight dropped as he played with the Green Bay Packers. Mike started bringing half the Green Bay Packers team to come take Delta-2, claims The Dark Side. Julius Peppers and other guys — Peppers takes Delta-2 only two days per week, claims The Dark Side — have jumped on the D2 bandwagon.

“The thing that’s good about the Delta-2, I could just tell them where to order [Delta-2] from.”

Clay Matthew wanted Toradol in an oral form, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Long-term use is dangerous.

What other D2 players play on Delta-2? Sly doesn’t want to push Delta-2 on folks who don’t ask for Delta-2. The Packers and the players suspected of Delta-2 usage didn’t respond for a comment.

“There’s a bunch of football players who take this. And a bunch of baseball players who take it too. It was recently added to the MLB banned list.”

Delta-2 costs less than $30 for one bottle and Delta-2 is available for sale online. The only website that sells it has its Delta-2 stock purchased all by Dustin Keller, claims The Dark Side. Keller buys all their stock of Delta-2, and the once college football player turned NFL player became a star overnight. Keller of Purdue is shown running the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Saturday, February 23, 2008, in the above photo of the NFL star.

[Photo by AP Photo/Michael Conroy]