Adele Fan Freaks Out Over Tickets: Watch The Hilarious Video Here! [Video]

One lucky Adele fan is seeing the singer live — and lost it when she found out. In a hilarious 22-second clip, a mother found out on her birthday she was going to get to see Adele in concert, bursting into tears with excitement.

The birthday girl had tried to get Adele concert tickets, but like 10 million other people in the U.S., was unable to nab them before they sold out in minutes. In the video, the birthday girl holds an envelope that reads “hello” and after some initial confusion, realizes she holds entry into one of the hottest concerts of the year and gets to see Adele live.

Astonished at the gift, the Adele fan tells her family “I know you must be pulling my leg,” as her children dissolve into fits of laughter. As she realizes that she really will get to see Adele live, the birthday girl begins to cry, so happy is she that she will get to see the “Hello” chanteuse in person.


The mother was so overwhelmed, she had to rise out of her seat to get a moment by herself. “Oh my god, I’ve really got to wail,” the Adele fan tells her family, leaving her chair. “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to go,” she confesses. The hilarious moment was shared over social media, and as of yesterday had thousands of hits, according to the Daily News.

Anyone who has tried to grab some tickets to see Adele in concert knows how hard they are to purchase. The Daily Mail reports that the 100,000 available tickets for the New York City dates sold out within an hour, and all 750,000 tickets available for the 56 U.S. tour dates were sold out within minutes. After the initial frenzy to grab entry into the concert waned, Adele fans could still buy tickets on sites like eBay on sale for as much as $12,000.

According to the Daily Mail, this is the first time Ticketmaster had such a demand for a concert. Ticketmaster president Jared Smith denied that the site crashed during the sale, and said that a new record had been set, with 10 million Adele fans visiting their website when the tickets went on sale. Although buyers angrily claimed the site crashed, denying them the ability to see Adele live, Smith said it was a matter of more demand than supply.


“Unfortunately, when there is such an exceptional artist with unprecedented demand against short supply, there are inevitably going to be disappointed fans,” Smith advised, thanking his staff for their efforts. “We delivered a good experience for as many fans as possible.”

The U.S. leg of the Adele tour starts off July 6 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and continues for 56 more dates. The lack of available tickets has sparked anger among Adele fans, and there have been plenty of disappointed Adele fans. Although those who registered at were given a pre-sale code to nab tickets early, it was still slow goings, with one fan tweeting the “queue for Adele pre-sale tickets is probably the most stressful experience ever. Someone give me a Xanax and a shot of tequila.”


Excitement over Adele was spurred on by her appearance in New York on an NBC concert special Adele Live In New York City, reports CNN. According to the site, 11.2 million viewers tuned in to watch Adele. The record numbers made it the most-watched concert special since the Cher Farewell Tour.

Although Adele and her team have reportedly been trying to reduce the amount of scalpers profiting from her concert tickets, the plan has not gone well. To nab Adele tickets in Europe, fans had to go through a screening process. Adele even partnered with Songkick, but the plan backfired when fans complained of the long wait to get tickets.

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