‘A Christmas Miracle’ — Three Families Experience Miracles This Season

For those of us with open hearts and eyes, we know that miracles can and do happen around us every day.

This Christmas, there were plenty of miracles going around to maybe turn even the hardest of hearts. Here are just a few of the Christmas miracle stories buzzing around the web.

Little Girl Comes Back From the Brink of Death

A 4-year old girl in St. Petersburg, Florida, was recently on the brink of death with the flu.

According to ABC News, her parents are saying her survival is a Christmas miracle.

Gemma Botehlo had started experiencing a slight fever Sunday, December 13. The following Monday her condition improved, but took a turn for the worse three days later.

Her father, Alex Botelho, said he really thought it was the end.

“She was pale,” said Lejla Szabo, Gemma’s mother. “She had cold hands, cold feet.”

Gemma’s parents rushed her to the emergency room. As soon as they arrived, Gemma went into cardiac arrest and the doctors had to perform CPR for 45 minutes. They then told her parents there was little hope for their daughter’s survival.

“He told me we just have to look back and appreciate these four and a half years we had with her,” said Lejla.

Because the doctors could not get Gemma’s heart to work again, she was put on life-support and sent away to a transplant center in hopes of gaining a new heart.

Her parents asked their friends around the world to say prayers for their daughter.

And then the miracle happened. Gemma’s heart began to beat again, much to the surprise of doctors.

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs, with All Children’s Hospital, was dumbfounded.

“Sometimes we don’t understand everything that happens in medicine,” he said.

Obviously, such a recovery was a miracle.

Gemma is expected to be just fine.

Tiny House Delivered to Homeless Mom Just in Time for Christmas

According to the Good News Network, a last minute donation was given to their Christmas charity campaign that pushed the program over the top to reach its $25,000 goal.

Organizer Brice Royer is calling the fact that an anonymous donor contributed $4,455 at the last minute a Christmas miracle.

The catalyst for the generous donation was said to be offered earlier in the week, when a man who had hardly any money of his own gave his last dollar to the organization. That $1 from Lou Jenkins from Chicago may have been the most meaningful, Royer said.

News of the man’s humble but very powerful gift inspired the anonymous donor to come forward with the larger donation. The fact that both people donated at all contributed to the miracle.

“I felt inspired by that man who gave his last dollar,” the donor wrote on the group’s pledge page. “He gave 100%. My donation isn’t my 100%, but it’s pushing my comfort zone. Generosity is contagious. What if you also give outside your comfort zone?”

These donations helped a homeless mother in Vancouver, B.C.

Francesca and her daughter, Charlotte, will receive the miracle of a new home to live in this Christmas. The donations will also help start a pay-it-forward housing program.

Man Loses Wedding Ring, Finds it in Ocean


The odds of retrieving your wedding ring after it slips off your finger and sinks into the mysterious depths of the ocean, are probably slim to none. It would certainly take a miracle to find it.

For New Jersey resident Jay Bradford, the odds — and perhaps indeed, a Christmas miracle — were in his favor.

In a Fox News report, it was said that earlier in the month, Bradford was pulling an anchor in while fishing in the water off Long Branch, when his ring slipped off his finger and sank into the waves.

He told his wife what had happened and he and boat captain Nick Barsa returned to the spot several days later with salvage diver Mark Thompson. Barsa steered the boat using GPS coordinates and located the exact spot where the ring was lost to the sea. The group was buffeted by 35-mile-per-hour winds and swells, but they pressed on, even though people thought they were crazy and the odds of finding the ring were very slim.

But Thompson, who apparently found lost cell phones and watches in the depths of the ocean on a number of occasions, dove right in. After about 10 minutes searching rock ledges and sifting through “thousands of mussels,” the ring was spotted sitting on a rock.

“When they found it I was ecstatic, I was amazed,” Bradford’s wife, Meagan, said. “I nicknamed Nick ‘Capt. St. Nicholas,’ for this time of year because these two did perform a Christmas miracle for us to have that ring back.”

After his experience, Bradford said he will likely wear a cheap metal or rubber ring when he goes back out fishing.

Do you have a Christmas miracle of your own to share?

Please feel free to do so below.

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