‘World Of Final Fantasy’ Is ‘Pokemon’ X ‘Final Fantasy’

Final Fantasy has been and still is one of the most sought-after titles in the gaming industry, raking millions of followers and fans the world over. It has come a long way from the original Final Fantasy title, which was released back on the NES, and is known for being at the forefront of the gaming industry in terms of graphics, technology, gameplay, and character and plot designs.

In E3 2015, Final Fantasy has yet again teased millions of Final Fantasy fans all over the world as it unveiled Final Fantasy VII and World of Final Fantasy. These two projects, apart from the long overdue Final Fantasy XV, are still in development and are putting fans on the edge of their seats.

While every Final Fantasy fan is more or less familiar with Final Fantasy VII, just waiting for news on how Square Enix is remaking the much-loved installment in the series, World of Final Fantasy continues to be a mystery to a lot of people. Who are we seeing in the title? What console can we play it on? What kind of gameplay will it introduce?

Square Enix, as a treat to its fans before Christmas day, released another sneak peak at the World of Final Fantasy at the Jump Festa show in Japan, and gives us another glimpse into what sort of world the World of Final Fantasy will build.

One, there’s chibi Cloud and chibi Lightning, among others. Aren’t they too cute? We already know that the main story will be about fraternal twins Reynn and Lann, who will enter the world called Grimoire with their travel companion, Tama, and they will find that Grimoire is teeming with Final Fantasy characters and monsters. There are tons of other Final Fantasy chibis like Warrior of Light and Princess Sarah from Final Fantasy, Yuna from Final Fantasy X, and Sherlotta from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, too.

But how will the gameplay actually work?

From the trailer and gameplay revealed by Square Enix, and from Kotaku’s interview with World of Final Fantasy director Hiroki Chiba, we uncover that World of Final Fantasy will be following Final Fantasy’s signature ATB-style RPG. ATB, or Active Time Battle, has been with Final Fantasy for the longest time, crossing menu-based combat with real-time turn gauges. It’s also interesting to note that the two main characters Reynn and Lann will be swapping between their regular and chibi forms, which directly affects their abilities in combat and in the world.

Chiba also shares that the core gameplay of World of Final Fantasy will be battling, collecting, and befriending familiar Final Fantasy monsters–much like Pokemon, but with Final Fantasy monsters. When you capture or befriend “Mirage” monsters, you can even walk alongside them or ride bigger ones during combat or when free-roaming the world. Like in Pokemon, you can also give nicknames to your befriended Mirages. During battle, a cute little feature is you can stack Mirages with yourself to combine abilities and powers–you stack from large, medium, to small.

Do you remember the monster Ifrit? Of course, who doesn’t! Well, like in Pokemon or even Digimon, if you will, Mirages evolve and transform. You won’t be able to acquire an Ifrit right away if you’re wanting that crazy monster. You have to befriend an Ifchi, which will evolve into Ifree, who then evolves, ultimately, into Ifrit. Pretty wicked, if you ask us! Even Behemoths could be attained in World of Final Fantasy–but he looks cuter and less menacing, which is not entirely bad if you think about it.

There are more in store for us in World of Final Fantasy, and we only have to wait for a few more months since Square Enix announced that World of Final Fantasy will come out 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

[Photo by Getty Images]