Under The Dome: Flat Earthers Say We Live Under A Huge Glass Dome

Up until around the 14th Century, people believed the Earth was flat and if you sailed too far, you would fall over the edge. Fast forward to right now and what are known as “flat earthers” pretty much believe the same theory.

Now it seems the flat earthers are reportedly going one step further, with one member of their society — who might possibly have binge-watched the science fiction show Under The Dome — believing we are enclosed in a giant, glass dome.

This immense glass dome apparently prevents us from leaving Earth. Reportedly said dome is high enough to allow planes to fly, but, for instance, when SpaceX Falcon 9 exploded in the air back in June, they say it may have crashed into the invisible dome. Presumably the glass dome also prevents us all from falling off the edge of the world.

Viewing any NASA video relating to the International Space Station on YouTube attracts thousands of comments from members of the flat earther society. According to them, NASA is using CGI to create those wonderful images of Earth from space. In other words to them it’s all completely fake. International Space Station? Doesn’t exist. The Curiosity rover? Merely a vehicle beetling around in some reddish desert on Earth and not an amazing vehicle discovering the science of Mars.

Almost without fail, these comments tend to lean towards expletives and insulting words, like for example “balltards,” referring to the “ball earthers” and with no genuine scientific evidence to back them up.

Ironically, as reported in the Express, the Enclosed World website on which the dome theory is posted was created by a man who was attempting to debunk the flat earth theory, but who ended up getting caught up in the craziness too.

Mark Sargent is an IT specialist from Boulder, Colorado, and back in 2014, he started looking into (his words) “what is no doubt the most ridiculous conspiracy ever, called (the) ‘Flat Earth Theory.'” However, after Sargent did some “extensive research” he reportedly became a convert and now fully supports the flat earth theory.

Early this year, Sargent released a series of YouTube videos titled “Flat Earth Clues” which ask the question: “Is it possible that we are all living in a Truman show enclosed structure, thousands of miles wide?”

Sargent theorizes that when man first attempted space flight, they discovered this dome and then found it necessary to hide this from the public ever since by creating amazing CGI effects, faking the moon landing, the International Space Station and more.

It all makes one wonder how on Earth (excuse the pun) Spain recently got bombarded with several pieces of space junk, as reported recently on the Inquisitr.

Flat earthers [Image via NASA]Eric Dubay is another flat earther theorist, who runs the website The Atlantean Conspiracy. Dubay, 33, reportedly seeks to “expose the New World Order,” saying we have been lied to all our lives.

“We have been taught, contrary to all common sense and experience, that the seemingly motionless, flat Earth beneath our feet is actually a massive moving ball spinning through space at over 1,000 miles per hour… but that you feel and experience none of it.”

Dubay, a 33-year-old Yoga and Wing Chun teacher living in Thailand, then goes on about a “mysterious force” called gravity which prevents everything falling or flying off the “spinning ball Earth.”

The flat earther thinks it strange that gravity is strong enough to keep people, the oceans and the atmosphere tightly bound to the surface, but is just “weak enough to allow bugs, birds and planes to take off with ease.”

So readers, do you believe we live on a flat Earth enclosed in a glass dome and that there is no such thing as man’s efforts in space? Let us know below.

[Image via NASA]