Mother Arrested For Overdue ‘Twilight’ Books

A New Mexico woman was jailed after police arrived at her home to arrest her husband, but in the process found 2 outstanding warrants for her arrest stemming back to five months worth of overdue fines on the ‘Twilight’ products, according to ABQ Journal.

Lori Teel claims that she doesn’t remember checking out a ‘Twilight’ book and movie from her local library back in October of 2011, however when police arrived at her home to investigate a disturbance that led to the arrest her husband on battery charges, they soon came across the warrants issued for her own arrest because of overdue fines totaling $35.98.

According to MSN, it turns out that when Teel failed to return the books after a long period of time, a summons was issued to her but was sent to an incorrect address. Apparently sent to her childhood home, Teel never received the summons which then led to warrants being issued for her arrest.

Teel says her children that were in the home at the time of the arrest were traumatized over the events as they were forced to stay with a neighbor that they didn’t even know while their mother had to spend the night in jail.

“My kids are still very emotional,” Teel said.

“They had to stay with a complete stranger. My 3-year-old is traumatized over it. She will not leave my side.”

Teel bailed out from jail the next morning for $610 and immediately sought an attorney to take up her case. An appeal was submitted and the charges were soon dropped. Her claim states:

“Ms. Teel and her small children have been traumatized, humiliated, embarrassed, subject to ridicule, and otherwise suffered pain and suffering and other damages as a result of the wrongful arrest.”

Do you think Lori Teel should have been arrested for her overdue fines?