Harry Styles Is Going To A Wedding! Check Out His Wedding Fashion A-Game

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Harry Styles has been spotted jetting into Miami with his mother Anne Twist and her husband. Harry fans initially asked what the hell the long-haired hunk was doing in the sunny city so soon after Christmas.

Some people speculated that Harry may be in Florida to attend a New Year’s Eve Party hosted by close friend Nick Grimshaw. But why did Harry’s family come along?

It soon emerged that the primary reason Harry is in Miami is to attend the wedding of a friend of his sister Gemma Styles.

Harry arrived at the airport wearing black skinny jeans, a loose and slouchy white button-up shirt, and a stylish fitted blazer that hugged his muscled arms and torso, giving him a lean and sleek look. His look was topped off by his trademark mop of wild and wavy hair, which jutted around the pair of sunglasses Harry pushed over his forehead as he left Arrivals.

Harry may have cut a sleek figure, but he was laden like a pack-mule with luggage — the fit hunk used his muscle-power to lug along about four huge travel bags as he sauntered along with mother Anne Twist, who wore a fashion-themed slogan t-shirt. Could the Styles/Twist family be in Miami for an extended stay?

Harry also carried a wide-rimmed hat of the kind he used to wear in 2013, at the time One Direction released their Fleetwood Mac-inflected Four album.

What will Harry Styles wear to the upcoming wedding? It would be great to see the hunk sitting in the church pew in one of the wild, loud suits he has taken to wearing. A flared trouser leg or floral statement piece — especially paired with Harry’s divisive mop of hair — would certainly stand out in any prim wedding photo lineup.

Harry Styles is known for his considerate manner though, so perhaps the One Direction star will keep his wedding look conservative out of respect to the bride and groom. Nobody likes to be upstaged at their own wedding.

Harry Styles first showed the world his wedding fashion game when he was best man at his mother’s wedding soon after finding fame with One Direction, as reported by E! Online. It’s amazing now to see Harry Styles in such a subdued and unremarkable ensemble. 2015 has been the year that Harry came to be associated with bombastic suit statements.

Harry Styles brought his edgier wedding fashion game to the wedding of Louis Tomlinson’s mother Johannah Deakin last year, as reported by The Daily Mail. Harry showed acres of chest and even a generous stretch of abdomen in his buttoned black shirt, which had about two buttons in total done-up, and which flapped in the wind as the star strode across the grass, treating the wedding entourage to flashes of taut, tanned flesh, a pectoral dip worked to cavernous depths over years of grueling touring and training, and Harry’s distinctive butterfly and sparrow tattoos, which add a tinge of quirk and sweetness to the hunk’s formidable form, like a love heart etched by a teenager into a gnarled and mighty oak tree.

Harry slung a patterned fabric scarf around his shoulders for the Deakin wedding, and finished his look with some buckled, strappy black boots, dark sunglasses and a hat. He spent his time mingling with Liam Payne’s now-ex girlfriend Sophia Smith and looked comfortable and cozy chatting to rumored hookup and One Direction stylist Lou Teasdale, as reported by the Daily Mail.

It remains to be seen if Harry Styles will wear any statement pieces to the upcoming event. One thing’s for sure — Harry lovers will be waiting for those first shots of the fit star.

Should Harry flash some pec at his sister’s friend’s Florida nuptials? Will he run a brush through his wild and crazy hair? Are the 1D hottie’s wedding fashion choices appropriate?

[Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP]