Dallas TX Tornado Death Toll Update: Eight Killed In Garland, Copeville, Blue Ridge Amid Harsh Storms

A series of storms, including tornados that have rocked Dallas, Texas, over the past 24 hours have ended in a chilling update: eight people were killed in total by the extreme weather over the holiday weekend.

All of the victims were killed while traveling in a vehicle, though it has not been released how many drivers were involved and whether or not the cars collided, reported The Dallas Morning News.

Local authorities did confirm that it was the weather that was responsible for the deaths that took place outside of Dallas — tornados have been the culprit, but is also possible that heavy winds may have blown the vehicles off the road.

TX tornado site of natural disaster following Christmas
From downtown Dallas to the city's outskirts, heavy storms and tornados wrecked havoc through the Dallas/Ft. Worth area the day after Christmas -- destroying homes and killing at least 8 people. (Image via AP Photo/LM Otero)

Mike Hatfield, Garland police spokesman, revealed to NBC News that all of the Garland deaths took place within close proximity of one another, near the intersection of I-80 and I-90.

In addition to the Garland deaths, another two people died in Copeville, which is about 30 miles northeast of central Dallas. Though police would not confirm if a tornado had ended the pair’s lives, early reports indicated that they were at a gas station when the tragedy struck.

A separate death, involving only one victim, took place in Blue Ridge, which is about 50 miles northeast of central Dallas, but only about 20 miles north of Copeville — indicating that the fatalities appear to centralizing around that area of outer Dallas. Many took to social media to express solidarity with those hit by the destructive storms.

tornados in texas left many dead, says update
Texan Christmas season ended with a smash of thunder and a swirl of tornado warnings. Dallas locals were caught by surprise and some did not survive the violent meteorologic hit. (Image via AP Photo/LM Otero)

Again, scant details have been released about death, and no confirmation has been released that a tornado was the cause. Citizens photos have captured powerful tornados taking place all around the Dallas area. Near Rowlett, a photo of one such massive force of nature was captured above Lake Ray Hubbard.

In addition to the death toll, there was also brutal destruction of local homes and infrastructure. Around 50,000 people are without power in the area, Hatfield told Dallas Morning News.

“We’re dealing with darkness out here. All of the street lights and highway lights are out.”

Continue to check back to this article for an updated death toll of the Dallas Texas tornados and extreme storms. Most local weather reports are, however, now indicating that tornado warnings are no longer in effect.

[Image via AP Photo/LM Otero]