Dallas Tornado Videos From December 26 [Video]

There are videos like the one below from YouTube, titled “12/26 Massive Tornado in Dallas, Texas,” that show the seriousness of the tornadoes that touched down in the Dallas area, and sadly claimed lives.

According to NBC FW, the tornado in Dallas has claimed the lives of at least seven people. The tornado was one of a few tornadoes that were the result of severe storms that passed through the area on Saturday. The storms rolled through North Texas during the afternoon and evening hours.

A search for videos using the term “Dallas tornado” on YouTube, sorted by the most recently uploaded videos shows that a variety of tornado videos are being published via footage from Dallas. Although the threat of further tornadoes is lessened, there is the concern of flooding in the area in the wake of the tornadoes touching down in the area.

The deaths being reported are attributed to the tornadoes that touched down in Garland, close to the intersection of Interstate 30 and the President George Bush Turnpike. Those who lost their lives in the tornado were inside of vehicles during the storm.

Other tornado videos from the Dallas area are appearing on Twitter.

More tornado videos from the December 26 Dallas storm, as reported by NBC, can be seen from those viewers and storm chasers that captured footage of the tornadoes. Beyond those who lost their lives inside their vehicles were two additional persons who died in the Dallas tornado that obliterated a Copewill gas station.


The description of the first YouTube video above describes more information about the huge tornado that can be seen in the video. The massive power of the tornado is witnessed by the objects seen bending in the video, and the photos of tornado damage from the Dallas area being published to social media.

“Massive tornado costing Millions in damage and injuries on December 26th, 2015 caught on camera East of Dallas Texas near Mesquite and Garland. All footage caught, and live streamed by storm chaser Nathan Moore credit of ‘Live Storms Media’

“The Tornado moved over U.S route 80 and Highway 30. Video taken from car near highway 30 on ramp in Rowlett, Texas.

“Condolences to the families and households affected and destroyed by the storm as there were fatalities reported.”

Another video, titled “12-26-15 Deadly Rowlett, Texas Wedge Tornado” shows some of the same footage, with the video describing how the huge tornado swept across east Dallas on Saturday night. That video description provides more data, along with the update that there was only one reported injury in Waxahachie.


“The tornado produced many devastating power explosions seen along its path and now has at minimum of four confirmed fatalities per local media in this area. The tornado crosses I-30 and does significant damage going into the town of Rowlett.

“Significant storm damage has also been reported near Rowlett and Waxahachie. The Ellis County Emergency Management Agency says about 40 homes there have been damaged or destroyed.”

The hashtag #Dallastornado on Twitter shows up-to-the-minute updates from news agencies and Dallas-area Twitter users and others who are tweeting about the tornadoes that touched down in Texas. The photos flowing in to Twitter under the “photos” tab of the #DallasTornado hashtag show the true damage being felt from the tornadoes.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, the above Associated Press photo showed people running through the heavy rain in downtown Dallas. Reports that rain would continue in the area into Sunday are being issued, as the National Weather Service earlier issued a tornado warning for Dallas on Saturday prior to the deadly tornadoes touching down.

People are even using Twitter to try and reunited lost pets in the tornado path with their owners.

[AP Photo/LM Otero]