‘Star Wars’ Theme Gets Metal Makeover By Galactic Empire — The Band [Video]

The Star Wars theme song is instantly recognizable by all Star Wars fans, and now it has been remade into a heavy metal version by the newly-formed band, Galactic Empire. Galactic Empire is also the name of the evil dictatorship, led by Emperor Palpatine, that is the nemesis of the Skywalker clan and the Rebel forces in the Star Wars universe.


As reported by Guitar World, the Star Wars-themed band consists of Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland of Atrium Audio and members of Alustrium. On the Star Wars theme song, James Dorton, from Black Crown Initiate is a guest vocalist. Slovak and McFarland produced bands like August Burns Red and Rivers of Nihil.

What makes the group even cooler is the fact that they are all dressed out in Star Wars costumes. According to the group’s FaceBook page, the group consists of “Boba Fett” on drums, “Darth Vader” on lead guitar, a Storm Trooper on bass guitar, and a Shadow Trooper and Imperial Guard also on guitar.

“These instruments are crude but should be adequate to shred some faces as we journey across the galaxy,” “Darth Vader” told Guitar World. “We have been doubling our efforts to complete our debut full-length album in time for the Emperor’s arrival. If you are not part of the Rebel Alliance or a traitor, buy our single on iTunes and prepare to succumb to the Dark Side upon our album’s release.”

Lancaster Online recently interviewed the group about the group’s Star Wars-themed music video and how the video has gone viral. Grant McFarland, aka “Boba Fett,” told Lancaster Online, “For all the effort we put into it, we were definitely crossing our fingers for a great response. But we weren’t expecting the amount of viral success that it’s had.”

McFarland had posted a video on YouTube two years ago of himself playing the “Imperial March” on drums.

Back in May, McFarland recorded some guitar over his drum part and then shared the project with Slovak, his business partner. Slovak is the bass playing Storm Trooper. McFarland and Slovak then invited other musicians Chris Kelly (Darth Vader), CJ Masciantonio (Shadow Trooper) and Josh Willis (Imperial Guard) to join them. The result is the awesome metal cover of the Star Wars theme song. Below is the playthrough version of “Boba Fett,” aka McFarland, on his drum part of the cover.

Galactic Empire has also recorded an 11-track album of songs from all six Star Wars movies and McFarland said a fitting release day would be May the Fourth, which is also known as “Star Wars Day.” McFarland also told Lancaster Online that he greatly admires John Williams, the composer of the Star Wars theme. He also said that he had always been involved in music, which started with him playing the cello at age 4 and then he later learned to play the drums, guitar, and bass. He also toured with This or the Apocolypse, a metal band from Lancaster from 2007 through 2011. He said his interest in Star Wars goes almost as far back as his music beginnings.


“The original films, Carson and myself, but I think also millions of other people on this planet, saw that movie as a kid and it struck a chord inside emotionally,” McFarland said. “I think it’s a big part of my childhood and I think many other people. The film (“A New Hope”) resonated with me for years. As a 7-year-old child, I could recite every single line of the movie from heart.”

Just like any dedicated Star Wars fan, McFarland said he also stood in line at Lititz’s Penn Cinema on opening night of Star Wars: A Force Awakens.

“To this day, I still haven’t really lost that,” McFarland says. “There’s just something about it I can’t explain.” McFarland explained how his band is a fusion of his biggest passions. “My love for music and my love for Star Wars just collide in a perfect storm,” he said.

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[Image Via YouTube]