Weight Loss Tips Mashup From Across The Internet

Weight loss tips are all over the internet this time of year. Gyms are giving out free passes, personal trainers are oiling up for envy-inducing Facebook photos, and every website has an article explaining the “Five Surprising Ways Your Kale and Spinach Smoothie Is Making You Fat.”

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s a mashup of the best weight loss tips on the Web right now.

1. Drink Water And Not Other Stuff

Out of all the liquid refreshment available on the grocery store shelves, the only one that your body actually needs is water. If you can get it for free from a tap, you can save money while you’re at it.

Sonya Jones was the winner of The Biggest Loser’s recent season, and she loves this tip.

“If I could tell people one piece of diet advice, it would be to never drink your calories!” she said to Eat This, Not That!

“That means soda, milkshakes, coffee beverages, and other favorites. Since the calories from sugary beverages aren’t accompanied by other nutrients, they often just leave you feeling hungry. It’s far more satisfying to eat food—and it’s healthier, too.”

Other reasons to drink water?

And here’s an easy tip: Soda? Is made of sugar.


2. Get Moving

You don’t have to train for a marathon, this weight loss tip is just a reminder that humans are meant to be mobile. If you have a typical modern job that requires long periods of sitting, get up and take a walk at lunch and on breaks.

Also, challenge yourself physically at least four times a week. That means actually challenge yourself, warns Bodybuilding.com. Whatever you choose to do as exercise, do it until you break a sweat and keep it up for at least 30 minutes.


Every type of training has a weight loss benefit: long distance, low-intensity cardio can be great to build up your overall physical well-being, while short periods of intense interval or strength training broken up by short periods of rest will kick-start your metabolism and help build muscle and heart strength.

The best tip for interval training, which can help with weight loss as well as a lower-intensity workout in a fraction of the time, is to push yourself more than you usually would, researcher Howard Knuttgen told Harvard Health.

“High-intensity basically means exercising at a higher intensity or velocity than you could otherwise sustain for five to 10 minutes before becoming exhausted,” Knuttgen says. In interval training, “you do high-intensity exercise for a minute, then rest, then repeat.”

3. Know what you’re eating

It is easy to forget that when the peanut butter jar says a serving is 230 calories, half of which are fat and make up a quarter of the average person’s recommended daily fat intake, it’s talking about a serving of just two tablespoons.

You do need to eat, it is a human requirement for life, but you do not need most of the things that are marketed to you as food. Pay attention to portion sizes when you eat meat and carbohydrates. Especially when your goal is weight loss, fill your plate primarily with whole, unprocessed foods, and you will find yourself with higher energy and feeling fuller and less prone to cravings.


Packaged foods are full of additives and empty calories. Whole foods contain a more complete array of nutrients necessary for your body, not just to stave of hunger but also to thrive. The fresher whole foods you can find, the better. And the best weight loss tip is, there are very few vegetables you can eat too much of, so load up.

4. Sleep

Most people require seven to eight hours of sleep for every 16 hours of wakefulness. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not doing yourself any favors with weight loss, for a lot of reasons. You can read all the reasons, or just take this tip and start getting more sleep.

5. Give You Some Love

This tip is shared in a lot of ways — stress less, take vacation, take up a hobby, and set realistic goals. Whatever love means to you, don’t wait to lose weight; give yourself some love now. You already deserve it, and just believing that is the best weight loss tip of all.

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