Vladimir Putin Bombed Russian Metrojet Plane To Drum Up Support For ISIS War, Alleges Ex-KGB Spy

The crash of the Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 airliner on October 31 — a crash over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula that killed 224 Russian tourists and crew returning from holiday at the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh resort region — led directly to Russian leader Vladimir Putin stepping up his country’s bombing campaign against the terrorist group ISIS, which claimed responsibility for downing the plane.

But according to new allegations by a former Russian spy who defected to Great Britain in the late 1990s, it was Vladimir Putin himself who ordered the Metrojet plane bombed, as a “false flag” terrorist attack that could then be conveniently blamed on ISIS, allowing Putin to drastically accelerate Russian war efforts in the Middle East with the full backing of the Russian public — and the world.

“In order to… get Western consent to fighting Islamic State (which was, essentially, official support for keeping the Assad regime in power), the Kremlin desperately needed the kind of justification which would generate worldwide attention and full international sympathy and approval for military action,” wrote disgruntled ex-KGB secret agent Boris Karpichkov, in a dossier picked up by the British media on Christmas Day.

The following CNN video tells the story of the Metrojet bombing.

Vladimir Putin Russian Metrojet Crash
Wreckage of Metrojet Flight 9268 (Maxim Grigoriev/Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations via AP, File)

The purpose of the sinister and horrifying atrocity, according to Karpichkov, was to “initiate enormous international hate towards ISIS and to create international sympathy (for Russia) to act on its own without any limits or reservations” in a war against the Syria-based international radical jihadist terror group.

The extraordinary accusation against Putin is not the first time that Karpichkov has made charges against the government of his former country.

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He also charged that Russian defector Gareth Williams, who was found dead padlocked inside a duffel bag inside his English home in 2010, was assassinated by Russia because he was on the verge of revealing the name of a British intelligence agent who was actually a Russian spy.

British authorities had ruled the death of Williams to be accidental.

Karpichkov has also claimed that Russian intelligence agents had targeted U.S. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden as a potential defector a full six years before Snowden leaked massive amounts of classified data detailing previously unknown NSA covert eavesdropping on American and foreign citizens.

While ISIS has boasted of responsibility for bombing Metrojet Flight 9268 by placing an explosive device in a can of Schweppe’s Pineapple soda, the terror group has offered few details to back up its claims.


Karpichkov tells a different story of how a bomb came to be planted on the airliner, according to a report Christmas Day in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Metrojet Airbus bombed on October 31, shown on an earlier flight (Photo by Sergey Korovkin 84 / Wikimedia Creative Commons 4.0)

Once Vladimir Putin gave the green light to the horrific operation, a Russian spy who made his specialty what the intelligence community calls “wet jobs,” that is, assassinations and other acts of political violence, was sent to Sharm el-Sheik posing as a pro-Russian rebel in Ukraine who was on holiday to recuperate from the stresses of that conflict.

While at the resort, the undercover operative began a romantic fling with a young Russian woman also on vacation there. When she left for the airport to make her return flight to St. Petersburg, Russia, the operative persuaded her to bring home a “gift” for his parents.

But that “gift” was actually a powerful explosive device timed to detonate when the Metrojet Airbus was in mid-flight.

That, anyway, is the story told by Boris Karpichkov. And as outrageous as it sounds, Karpichkov’s tale is actually the second time Vladimir Putin has been accused of arranging a deadly bombing that killed hundreds of his own people, in order to justify a military action. A series of Russian apartment buildings were bombed in 1999, killing more than 300 — bombings that Putin blamed on radical Islamists, leading to Russia’s bloody war against Chechnya that year.

[Featured Photo By Alexander Zemlianichenko / Associated Press]