Carrie Prejean Threatens to Sue Miss California Official for Defamation

Carrie Prejean’s lawyers have threatened to slap Miss California USA executive director, Keith Lewis, with a defamation suit if he doesn’t ‘take back’ statements he made about her.

In a letter sent to Lewis’s lawyer on Thursday, Carrie Prejean’s lawyer, Charles LiMandri, stated that she “suffered severe emotional distress” and that her reputation was harmed by Lewis’s statements concerning the reasons why she was stripped of the Miss California 2009 title.

The letter goes on to say that Lewis is a “gay activist” and that he set up Carrie Prejean to fail her duties as Miss California because of her pageant question answer against same sex marriage.

With all this “he-said she-said” happening, coupled with threatening to sue for hurt feelings (aka: emotional distress), will we ever hear the end of this?