Best Buy After Christmas Sales 2015: HDTVs Go On Sale As Retailer Looks To Unload Excess Holiday Stock

Best Buy is kicking off the final week of 2015 with big after Christmas sales on technology.

The nation’s leading electronics big box store, Best Buy is joining other major retailers in offering big after Christmas sales this year. The chains are responding in part to lower sales before Christmas and also trying to clear their shelves of some excess stock, meaning consumers have a good chance to find some deals before the year ends.

At Best Buy, the 2015 after Christmas sale includes deals on iMac and MacBook models. The chain is also offering a free $50 gift card with the purchase of a Sony PS4 console and up to 25 percent off select HDTVs, the International Business Times noted.

Here are some of the other deals at the chain’s after Christmas sale (via

  • Pick up a Canon all-in-one wireless printer for $79.99, marked down from $199.99.
  • $9.99 will buy a Logitech wireless mouse for half the normal price
  • Save $200 on some iMac and MacBook models.

The after Christmas sales in 2015 are a great chance for shoppers to snag last-minute deals, but experts warn that some items are better worth waiting, with many luxury brands keeping prices close to normal.

On the flip side, Consumer Affairs published a list of the best items to look for in the after Christmas sales, many of which apply to Best Buy’s sales. One of the most obvious is Christmas decorations. Stores like Target and Walmart still have shelves and shelves of Christmas lights and yard decorations. These are generally marked down by 50 percent in the day after Christmas, and after three days or so they will move up to 75 percent off, with the cut increasing until it reaches about 90 percent.

This is a great time for people to make big purchases like artificial Christmas trees, experts note.

Overstock HDTVs will also go on sale, the report noted, and the timing will be right for fitness equipment.

“Retailers know all about your New Year’s resolutions — specifically that ‘get in shape’ one. In an effort to entice resolutioners to buy fitness equipment, retailers like Sears, Sports Authority, and Dick’s Sporting Goods start offering some pretty attractive incentives and coupons starting December 26th and going right through the New Year.”

Consumer Affairs also suggested that people plan ahead, keeping a lookout for small appliances on sale at the big box stores that could end up being wedding gifts later in the year.

There could be a lot of competition for these items, however. A survey from American Express found that 66 percent of people planned to shop the day after Christmas, and they would be spending an average of $183. With the after Christmas sales stretching on nearly a week, that could put a strain on the remaining stock and make it best for shoppers to make their move early.

But waiting could also be good for shoppers looking to land some better deals. Many televisions will go on sale through January with the best deals coming again right before the Super Bowl, Kiplinger noted.

“For example, every January the latest tech gadgets and products are unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s then that retailers will begin to slash prices on the previous generation of electronics to make room for the newer versions about to hit the market.”

More information on the after Christmas sale at Best Buy can be found at the store’s website here.

[Picture by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]