Google Nexus Q Hacked To Play Android Games

That didn’t take long. Less than one day after Google I/O attendees received free Nexus Q units images began surfacing on the Google+ account of Apportable employee Christina Kelly that showed the Google Nexus Q hooked up to computer monitors running the game Sword and Soldiers.

According to Kelly the hack which only took a short period of time to complete was carried out by an Apportable software engineer. The team says once in debug mode it was simple to set the hack and turn the Nexus Q into an even more advanced media player.

It should be noted that the devices lack of a touchscreen made the hacked game unplayable but it shows the malleability of Nexus Q which in all fairness Google said from the start was designed for “general hackability.”

The Google Nexus Q runs on Android 4.0 and comes with plenty of ports including Micro HDMI, TOSLink Optical audio, 10/100Base-T Ethernet, and Micro AB USB.

Playing games on the Nexus Q in the future wouldn’t be out of the question as it already runs on the same dual-core processor featured in the Galaxy Nexus and it offers 1GB or RAM.

Up next the team at Apportable may attempt to play sounds from the device to wireless speakers, another hack that proves why Google’s strategy of “highly hackable” devices may be the right decision for the company’s innovation focused future.

Here’s a shot of the Google Nexus Q in debug mode, the setup needed to hack the device for Google Android game loading:

Google Nexus Q Hack Mode

In the meantime Google has announced that the Google Nexus Q will be made in the USA because of high Chinese labor costs.