WWE News: Triple H Told To Avoid Scott Hall

In WWE news, Scott Hall revealed that Triple H was instructed by management for years to avoid communication with one another, according to Wrestling Inc.

For the longest time there, former WWE star Scott Hall was a ticking time bomb, as his out-of-control addictions to alcohol and drugs took away everything that mattered in his life.

Scott Hall lost his wife because of his addictions. The couple married twice and divorced twice, with the final split being in 2001. Dana Lee Burgio tried but could not make it work.

In 1995, Scott Hall had a daughter named Cassidy Lee. Hall missed out on much of his daughter’s life. He rarely mentions her nowadays, so their relationship might still be broken.

Cody Hall soured on his father for a period of time there, but the two of them have now rekindled their relationship, as they bond over Cody becoming a professional wrestler in Japan.

In addition to his family, Scott Hall also lost out on the opportunity to add more to his already incredible resume. He had enough skills and talent to be a world heavyweight champion. When the nWo was the hottest thing in professional wrestling, Scott Hall could have easily been the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, but management could not trust him.

Scott Hall Scott Hall [Photo by WWE]Razor Ramon was rising up the ranks in WWE, and his popularity was undeniable, especially when he was the Intercontinental Champion. Management could not move him up higher.

Scott Hall also lost out on friends, as some could not stand to watch what he was becoming. Many tried to offer their assistance, but Hall simply went back to the drugs and alcohol.

Kevin Nash has long been praised as being one of the best friends that Scott Hall ever had. Nash does not hesitate to jump on a plane if there is a friend in need of his assistance.

Another good friend of Scott Hall is Diamond Dallas Page, the man who is credited with helping Hall finally beat his addictions. Countless stints in rehab centers failed to do so.

During his interview with the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Scott Hall revealed that his friendship with Triple H had to be put on hold because WWE was against it professionally.

Wanting to give the honors to his good friend, Triple H wanted for years to convince WWE to induct Scott Hall into their Hall of Fame, but management refused to be involved.

Since he is so deeply intertwined with WWE, the line between professional and personal is blurred for Triple H. His relationships in the industry also affects the corporation he runs.

The Clique The Clique [Photo by WWE]WWE knows that Scott Hall was deserving of the induction, as his work is widely remembered by pro wrestling fans. However, they could not take the risk of being involved with him.

If something were to happen to Scott Hall during the week that he was supposed to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, then the company will surely be called out by the media.

Fortunately for Scott Hall, Triple H is one of the most resilient people in the industry, as evidenced by the fact that he now is a vice president of WWE after being stuck in the dog house.

On March 24, 2014, Scott Hall was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans. His good friend, Kevin Nash, did the honors that night.

In one of the warmest moments in sports entertainment history, Triple H, Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall shared an embrace under the bright lights.

That moment almost never happened if Scott Hall had not turned his life around.

[Featured Photo by WWE]