WWE News: WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Returning To WWE RAW This Monday

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon returned to WWE programming after a year away just a few short weeks ago when he made a very memorable appearance on WWE RAW. He was spread all over the show and had a huge role in the main event where Roman Reigns pretty much got over with fans by superman punching the boss. This was something no one saw coming as Vince has repeatedly tried to keep himself out of any angle on television.

However, the power he has to draw ratings and the fact that he is seen so rarely makes him a very valuable person to the company even still. With Kevin Dunn, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon able to do the same job Vince can do, it makes sense to think that Vinny Mac can appear here and there when called upon. It looks like WWE is calling on the boss yet again this upcoming week for WWE RAW.

WWE.com made the announcement on Saturday that the Chairman of the Board would be on RAW, saying….

“Breaking News: Mr. McMahon will return to Raw this Monday, WWE.com has learned. After being Superman Punched by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns two weeks ago, it’s safe to assume that The Chairman will have a lot on his mind.”

Reigns McMahon [Image via WWE]Clearly WWE wants to make sure they capitalize on the angle with Reigns and McMahon. It makes sense that the boss would want retribution after being attacked by the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Reigns very well should take some punishment to make the storyline continue with some actual substance. WWE has tried to make Reigns into an unstoppable monster, and while this works at times, this type of material is not what the fans want to see all the time.

Reigns was being held back for so long in recent storylines that when he finally was able to break out, the fans got behind it. However, now fans need for him to take a bit of medicine by the bad guys, which is why Vince McMahon’s appearance is clearly leading to something big against Reigns. WWE wants to sell the Royal Rumble well, so having Vince McMahon make an appearance in the set-up for the show is a good idea.

Many assumed after his one appearance recently that he would not be back on television at least for a while. Many news websites picked up on this in fact. However, WWE clearly could use a step into the right direction leading into the new year and McMahon being on the last WWE RAW of the year is a smart move by WWE creative. On top of this, McMahon’s last appearance was so well received that fans will surely tune in for the hope that the show will be just as exciting to see as the last he was on.

Vince Reigns superman [Image via WWE]Does that mean Roman Reigns will have to defend his newly won championship on RAW? Probably not. WWE needs a World Title match for the Rumble, and that means wasting a rematch on RAW is not sensible in the end. If they did end up doing this, Sheamus winning the WWE World Title back would not be a shocker.

Of course, regardless of how things go down for the title, it seems to be an easy idea that Roman Reigns will take a beating this Monday from the League of Nations to at least add some parody to the current storyline.

Vince McMahon being part of the show will be good to see, but how long will he continue to appear? WWE could use him in long-term storylines. However, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon seem to run in the role Vince used to do. Vince feels he is no longer needed on programming at his age; however, fans seem to be into him appearing. Whether or not he enjoys doing this for the future is uncertain.

[Image via WWE]