Technorati Takes on Content with Blogcritics

Technorati is moving from aggregation to generation with the purchase of Blogcritics, announced Tuesday. Blogcritics is an editor-controlled open blogging network that lets anyone sign up to submit stories but does not pay for the content, instead offering exposure and the related search benefits. It's been around since 2002.

Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra says the service will help further his company's mission of "help[ing] bloggers and the people who read blogs." He also, thankfully, acknowledges the more obvious reason behind the acquisition: increased traffic and increased ad inventory. At the same time, though, Jalichandra promises new monetization options for Blogcritics contributors and added growth within their audiences.

The merger will not give any extra weight to content from Blogcritics within the Technorati ranking system, Jalichandra has indicated.